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So yesterday we heard people talking about a sailboat that sank in the area and was sitting at 95ft. We got very poor directions of where it was located and attempted to find it. Meeks bay is a cool dive spot. The visablity is excellent and the contour of the bottom is nice. It slowly decends from the beach to about 30 ft and then starts dropping at a 45 degree angle into the abyss. We followed it out and dropped to 98ft. this is was my personal deepest dive so far in my diving career. We only looked for a few minutes because it was so cold. The temp dropped to 45, and we only had ten minutes of no deco time left anyway. So we made a slow decent stopping at 45ft and at 15ft. Surfaced for lunch and waited another hour and a half before the next dive.

Dean and i began joking.... why didn't we just go the two feet more and hit the 100ft mark?  I know your supposed to do your deepest dive first but we decided to go down there again and cross the century mark. We hit 105 and headed back up... taking extreme caution in a slow accent and doing good stops at 45 and 15.

After the dives we headed back to the camp loaded up the trailer and headed back down into the smoke :(

I had an awesome time in tahoe and want to explore the other dive sites. Hopefully i will have a housing for my hd camcorder and will be able to do some underwater filming.
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the beach at meeks bay.
the beach at meeks bay.
meeks bay from the truck
meeks bay from the truck
Meeks Bay
photo by: keef_mon
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