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Havasu Falls
The first stop on our trip was Havasu Canyon/Hapasupai, a place I'd seen so may beautiful pictures of, I just had to see it for myself!

Although close, Havasupai Canyon is not part of the Grand Canyon or of Grand Canyon National Park. It is a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.
Like the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon, Havasupai Creek formed Havasupai Canyon.
The village of Supai hidden within Havasupai Canyon, is home of the Havasu'Baaja, the 'People of the Blue-Green Water', or the Havasupai Tribe. The Blue-Green of course, refers to the spectacular color of the water of the three waterfalls close to the village.

The Havasu'Baaja have lived in the area for centuries, living part of the year in the canyon and part on the plateau.
Again, Havasu Falls. Can you ever get enough of them?
With the creation of Grand Canyon National Park in the 1880s, the tribe was confined to a small area within the Canyon, basically consisting of the village of Supai and some surrounding areas. Their former grazing and hunting grounds on the plateau were taken away. This forced the tribe to abandon much of their former (hunter gatherer) lifestyle and to take jobs away from their ancestral lands.
Only in 1978 much of the lands 'up top' were restored to the tribe. By that time however, they had begun to realise the tourism potential of their beautiful canyon home.
Nowadays, plateau land is being used for cattle raising but tourism has become the major revenue provider for the tribe.

The village of Supai is home to about 650 people and has much of a laid-back 'western' feel to it. Streets are dusty, houses are modest with small gardens and horse pastures (dogs and horses are everywhere!). All seem to have satellite TV. There is a very modern school, a comforable lodge, two churches and a decent cafe.
Access to the village is by helicopter, horse or by hiking in. Much to their credit, the Tribe turned down an offer by the Government to build a road to their village.

SheLuvz2Fly says:
Thank you for posting this informative review! I must see it for myself!!
Posted on: Mar 14, 2011
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Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls
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