The Vacation That Never Happened

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[From my journals in Peru]


The Vacation that Never Happened


July 19, 2006

My plan was simple.  Land in Lima and find my way from there.  North or south, east or west – it made no difference to me.  The first wind in me blew north and, before I knew it, the Amazon River was unraveling before me as if I had plunged through a post-card.  Unpaved and unrushed - exotic and untamed, Mother’s empire is as humbling as it is diminishing. 

The destination was as bizarre and rudimentary as I had expected.  Tamshyacu, a village deep in the heart of ‘Nowhere’, welcomed me with estranged gazes and curious muttering.  I strode through like I actually had a reason for being there. 


August 5, 2006

Before I knew it, ‘Amazonia’ was fading into a green blur as I fare-welled from my plane window.  Flying, the traveler’s ultimate sin, was my only option as there are no roads into or out of Iquitos.  My departure was bittersweet.  As my aching body was begging to return home, another side of me found it hard to let that trip be reduced to memories.  I had seen the most exotic landscapes, cultures stuck in time, and tear-jerking distress.  It was a completely different world - and I learned a lot from it.  While I left on a vacation, I certainly did not return from one. 



Martin Sway

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