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before we are leaving WHAT A MESS IN THE BOYS ROOM! hahahahahahaha
ben woke me up at 9 am - seriously ben - i need SOME sleep! hahahahaha but he said to me that we still have to buy gifts for the family! oh yes! right!!!! i didnt took a shower - just brushed my teeth and after some heebeejeebies - were off! our bus schedule is at 1:30 pm at el ferrol about 40 minutes drive from cedeira.

ben and me together with alex who joined us - went down to the center of the town to go to the camera store first - but it was closed! it was only 9:30 in the morning - maybe they open at 10 am? who knows!

now ben wants to send his postcards to his friends and family - so we must find a post office, luckily there was a man in the corner - and i asked him where it was! the people in cedeira are very helpful.
me and adrian! god i looked like a mess!!! and i looked lke a pedophile too! hahahahahaha
they are willing to help foreigners let alone strangers with open heart.

we found the post office easily and waited for ben while he was inside, i asked ben if i should come with him to communicate but he said no, he will do it himself - brave of you - robbo and me talked outside blah blah blah and in 5 minutes ben was finished!

now we decided last night that were gonna buy flowers for the family - ben and me saw yesterday a flower shop with big selections. but on the way there - just beside the camera store was a little flower shop, but it was more of ornamental plants rather than flowers so we skipped that.

at the flower shop, it was opened and there was an old man in there - now i asked him if its possible if he can help us selecting flowers as a gift for a family, he didnt understood my spanish :( as he can only speak galician.
la rosa de cedeira
he practically shooed us away from the shop! how cruel! hahahahahahahahahaha he was so grumpy that he was murmuring still in a nasty voice as were heading off! whattafuck! hahahahahahahaha.

ben said we go back to the camera store to see if it was open - as a filipino, my traits are "nakakahiya naman, huwag na lang" - i feel embarassed  returning the camera, i'll just let it be. but ben was firm - he said i should return it because how can a brand new camera be destroyed in just an hour?! so we went there, and there was another saleslady, different from yesterday - so i asked her if she can speak in english and she said only in spanish - i told her that i bought a camera yesterday and in just an hour it was destroyed - after some time of calling the owner i think - and moving back and forth - she said she cannot return my money but i can use the 155 euros to buy another camera! there was one camera there that i really like - the fuji with 8.
la familia.
2 pixels but it was 200 euros - oh what the heck im spending much money anyway so i should buy it. but then she said to me - that shes giving me a 15 euros discount for it! what?!!!!! that was really really really amazing! it was so nice of her! thank you so much señorita! while she was checking for some stuff, an old man approached me with a smiling face - he said to me that i am a filipino! whoa! how can he know that?!!! i asked him - he said that my spanish diction is from the philippines! whoaaaaa!!! i am so impressed - while the woman who was packing things for my camera - the old man and me chatted - when he was younger he used to travel asia alot and the philippines - thats how he got to recognize the diction of my spanish. there are still many secrets and magics in cedeira that i have yet to discover.
the girls with the grandal-caneiro family.

when we went back to the small flowershop, a lady smiled at us and asked what do we want - i was still shocked how the old man from the flower shop treated us - it scared the wits out of me! hahahha so i asked the lady if she can speak in english ansd she said no, only in spanish - AGAIN. so i asked her if she can help us select flowers as a gift for a family. her eyes lit up and motioned for us to come with her in a small room with a curtain and when she opened it! it was full of flowers! i asked her if she can do the flower arrangements for us and how much will its cost - she said it depends 10-20-30-50 euros - so i asked her the 20 euros - she said it will be finished in 10-15 minutes. i smoked outside and saw the man again who just commented on my spanish and gave him again a smile - ben and alex went back to the grocery - i was really hungry now - they both bought some foods BUT ONLY FOR THEM aarrgggghhhhh HOW COULD YOU?!!! hahahahahahaha and they were DARN EATING IT I FRONT OF ME! hahahahahaha

when they were back the lady was finished, i asked her if the flower come with a card and she said yes - but i dont know which card to pick so she picked one for us :)))))) and she motioned for me in her office - gave me a pen and said write something on it! hahahahahahhahahaha now that was the hardest part - i cant write in spanish hahahahha.
pablo with his cat - lola.
but it just came to me again and the lady in the flowershop helped me too,  - i hope i wrote everything right! hahahahahaha. but the most important thing was - i signed all the names of us in the card :)))

when we got back - we hid the flowers so that they wont see it - then when all of us were ready we all came down to give the gifts - but señora lucia was not there :(( nevertheless, pablo and señor manolo was there so we presented them the gifts - the flowers and the small sailboat from portugal. i dont know WHY I WAS ALWAYS DOING IT! hahahaha its a bit tiring actually! the kitchen was full of camera flashes hahahaha and some cheering and laughter.

when we went up the room - adrian was in the door the boy was waiting for me! WHY?!! well he wants to borrow my phone to play spiderman! hahahahahahahaha.
rubina the cheetos in her beggar look. hahahahaha
so i let him for while for i ate a bit and took a quick shower! at the kitchen i met señora lucia and we talked and thanked each other and a picture of me and her! hahahaaa she even washed OUR CLOTHES AND DRIED THEM!!!!! I WAS SO ASHAMED!! REALLY ASHAMED but she always reminded me "mi casa es su casa".

when i went up and got dressed - robbo and adrian were in the room and robbo was complaining that the sound from the spiderman game was really annoying! hahahahahahahahaha - hes still not ready for family life with kids hahahahahaha.

as i dressed up - its finally time to leave :((( my heart was so heavy - as i told adrian that i have to get the phone now. he looked at me with puppy eyes. my heart squeezed as i had been fond of the boy :(((( it was hard to say goodbye.
they just came back from the groceries!
but i am sure when he gets back to madrid - he will have a lot of stories to tell with his friends - that he met an odd-looking man-look-like-boy who spoke odd spanish in cedeira and played spiderman in his moble phone! hahahaha and so i am i. i will remember you adrian, i will remember your courage for coming to me and you didnt cared about the language barrier. you are my inspiration.

adrian came down with us when were saying goodbye to the family. i hugged señora lucia so tight - as if i was hugging my mother. i love the family so much. señor manolo, señora lucia and pablo. muchas gracias familia grandal-caneiro por la hospitalidad.

señora lucia even packed bananas for me as she knew its my favorite fruit! it reminded me of my mother which always asks me on the phone if i call her if i am eating the right foods in europa (hahahha mcdonalds hahahahahaha).
last minute shopping and discussions.

pablo and señor manolo drove all six of us to ferrol. as we are passing by the road and looking back at cedeira... las hermosas playas, the melancholic cliffs, the strong winds, los molinos, la chavola, el jardin, los perros bola y perla, el gato - lola, mas importantes - adrian y la casa de la familia grandal caneiro.

to be honest i had never travelled spain extensively - we were only in  cedeira and in the area of galicia. in the beginning, i thought spain was built around magnificent structures and edifices. but i was wrong, my heart looked deeper in discovering the land of my roots, it was more than meets the eye. i always listen to what my heart says, because no matter what, it says the right things. it may not be abrupt, but step by step. spain is like a wild rose.
two señoras.
a scent so different, but gives a long and lasting fragrance and impression.

i experienced the beauty of spain - in my heart - el pueblo de cedeira, the hospitality and the smiles from the people and stranges in cedeira...  las playas..  las noches en la chavola, la familia grandal-caneiro and certainly señora lucia - "la rosa de cedeira" and how can i forget the little boy adrian - "el niño de madrid".

muchas gracias.

lauro says:
its his KARMA! ahahahha for being a bully to that poor kid in spain ahahahaha
Posted on: Jul 26, 2010
hannah-lou says:
ahaha - now alex HAS a kid!! crazy!
Posted on: Jul 26, 2010
Sylvie1 says:
Was it then, when I calld, you?
Posted on: Jul 19, 2008
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before we are leaving WHAT A MESS …
before we are leaving WHAT A MESS…
me and adrian! god i looked like a…
me and adrian! god i looked like …
la rosa de cedeira
la rosa de cedeira
la familia.
la familia.
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pablo with his cat - lola.
pablo with his cat - lola.
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they just came back from the groc…
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