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the blue and white earth.
i packed everything in one bag, got 2 mobiles in case something happened i will have an extra. my flight is at 7.30 in the evening. i put my other mobile, my wallet and camera in my shorts pocket, mind you, i got only 3 shorts packed because i checked the temperature beforehand and it said its gonna be hot and humid in andalucia, with more than 40 degrees yet i still wonder why my damn backpack was heavy!!! hahahhaha.

as i was in duesseldorf airport and about to check in - i got iberia air only for 107 euros roundtrip - not bad really. i went in line for the check in. then all the people with eu passports have no problem and got in smoothly and when it was my turn - the person behind the counter checked my residence permit in the intranet, since i only have an extension permit it took the guy like 5-6 times to type my name and find it in the schengen records it was embarrasing because people were already looking at me.
flying over france :D

after those twist and turns - finally he was able to find my name. i was red with embarrasment - hurried to the xray check in. i was in a fucking trance mode - that i forgot to take my mobile out from my pocket and when it went through the xray machine - everyone was in a chaos and suddenly i saw i a big bald tall man peering at me hahahahahaha. he started checking  me and the staff who was in my check in line got reprimanded and the staff of the check in line reprimanded me hahahah hahahahah hahaha.

sometimes i think all the people in duesseldorf knew me already with my embarassing moments and my funny looking face. :P

then at the waiting area, i got an sms from robbo and said that his flight will be delayed for 2 hours, so that means i/we will wait for 3 hours - fair enough for the other people.
nearing spain.
then after 5 minutes i got an sms from lori and that their flight will be delayed too! aaarghhhhhhhhhh which means i will be alone at the airport for 4 HOURS! F-U-C-K - i mean its not a problem to wait for 1-2 hours but for 4 hours its too much for me because the excitement is killing me!

my flight was still in daylight at 7:30 pm my god, i was so excited and giddy inside the plane! it felt like it was my first time to fly! lol - i mean - this is it - i am going to spain and doing an extraordinary adventure with people i only knew from travbuddy!

after flying all over france and above thick clouds - i can see spain from the plane and while it was landing over spain - and oh my god! the landscape was amazing, mountains, gorges, deep valleys - brown and yellow earth with patches of green on it.

exciting and doubtful questions are coming from my mind - will this be worth it? i would still yet to know.
el pais de españa.

i arrived at madrid very smoothly and waited like 48 hours just to get my bag but it was worth the waiting because there ARE SMOKING AREAS WHILE WAITING FOR THE LUGGAGES hahaha how cool was that?! i was starstruckt at madrid terminal 4 - or barajas, it was like a spaceship! it was to date, the most ultramodern airport i had been to! now the most challenging part of it was how would i spend 4 hours waiting. i didnt brought a book - because i cant read a book if there are people, lights and open spaces around me. i went to the cafe in the arrival area and had sandwich - because i havent eaten inside the plane because the foods are not free 1 can of coke costs FIVE FUCKING EUROS hahahaha WHAT?!! NEVER IBERIA AIR AGAIN! hahhahahaha.

so i ate sandwhich while i was waiting and all these people - spanish people surrounded me, i was smiling because i can partly understand the language withouth effort.  which the language was buried in my subconscious are beginning to open up.

i spent a FULL hour inside the cafe, got outside and smoked and looked at my clock and it said its juts minutes after 11 pm - so i still had more than 2 hours to spend alone - i might as well check the subway schedule and it closes at 1.30 am the guys will arrive at 1 am - so im hoping that they would arrive in the fucking time! hhhahahah

i went outside to smoke, it was hot and humid, but a breeze of dessert air sent chills and goosebumps on my skin. i was now, in reality in madre patria.

Priya853 says:
Wow I just loved the way you wrote. like everything was so honest! Does it always take a long time for the baggage checks? I'm a little worried about that coz I barely speak Spanish and would be a nightmare to get lost in a new country all alone lol :p
Guess I have to be prepared for the worst!
Posted on: Feb 04, 2015
lauro says:
but i/we feel proud of our misadventures, it makes travelling more of a journey rather than just a trip! ^_^
Posted on: Mar 03, 2009
azsalsa says:
and I thought that I was the only one with crazy screwed up travel....I always just say that my biorhythms are out of whack! At least you take it all in stride!
Posted on: Mar 02, 2009
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the blue and white earth.
the blue and white earth.
flying over france :D
flying over france :D
nearing spain.
nearing spain.
el pais de españa.
el pais de españa.
photo by: vulindlela