the path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom.

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a story of our roadtrip through portugal.
so what is with the title? "the path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom"? it was a title from an enigma song. i never knew the meaning of it, till i asked one of the mystics i know exactly 8 years ago. she said to me. in every journey you make, until you come to your destination, there will always be 3 routes, the easy route which is the middle route, and the left or the right routes, which are the unconventional routes. nevertheless in every route you take, you always arrive in our destination, but taking the unconventional routes will gain more knowledge and experience despite the hardships of the journey.

thank you majo.

as i was contemplating all the mishaps and misadventures we had for the day, i remembered that i have a lucky rubber duckie that my good friend from germany gave to me! rosi! the exact words were: diese ente bringt immer glück, eine glücksente (this duck always bring luck, a lucky rubber duck), it saved me before! i remembered too! when i was questioned by the police and i dont have my passport with me and when they searched me they found the lucky duck in my backpack! and let me go! hahahahahahahahaha such a lucky idiot i was!

night fell as we entered sines, at the outskirt of the city, bad smell coming out from the air and there were tall chimneys that greeted us, an industrial area! it was really dark in the small road, the only lights were from the factories and chimneys and eventhough the window of the car was closed i could feel a chil cretp into my skin! oh my god, another mishap is going to happen i thought, we just dug our hole from the previous one and now here comes the next one! i am so tired already, all i wanna do was eat! i am so hungry!

we just followed the road, for about 30 minutes until we entered the town itself - it was really dark and very quiet but there were lights from the distance and it looked like some kind of harbor, pretty scary actually, not a single soul was in sight.
me, not happy with the food - too salty! hahahaha (grabbed from ben)
we followed the road going to the lights but it was closed because apparently theyre having a feast and we must detour - it was a juxtaposition of events - dark, sleepy and murky town but theyre celebrating a feast - from the looks of it - no one was there in the feast itself.

we tried to find "centro" again but it was detoured so we had to backtrack - we had to go up, it was a steep drive for poor big old robbocock, it was also narrow and really really really scary, it was so dark and even if there are here and there people passing, we cant see there faces.

trying to find "centro" was such a heavy task inside portugal! i dont know why - but it was always causing us problems. the girls unanimously decided to book a hotel for the night. as we were all tired, grindy and needing a good bed to sleep.
ben eating a part of me! *ouch* hahahahaha (grabbed from ben)
then i was thinking too! that if they were all gone, i can have the car to myself and sleep there comfortably!

then we passed a small group of people eating outside in a restaurant. i was dreading this - to ask questions. the guys were all looking me, as if i am the unanimous volunteer to ask questions! i just rolled my eyes, opened the window and i ask the people outside if they can speak spanish or english - a big fat no with head sways was the answer, so i just said hotel and they understood what i was searching for! *rolls eyes* all we did was body language and pointing fingers - i didnt get what they were saying NON OF US CAN, so with a siinking heart, we went off with the car. suddenly only a few meters of driving, a car came up to us and honked and want us to stop! the women i asked questions! they said to us to follow them in lauggae because they would direct us to a hotel! U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E i think this was a countless times already of portuguese hospitality that we experienced in portugal!

when we got there - i told them the only portuguese word i knew in my entire life - OBREGADO (thank you).
our first sangria! SALUDOS! (grabbed from ben)
  we smiled so brightly at them and they smiled back with the guys also saying obrigado, the two women went off and went on with their lives.

now we parked the car at the back of the hotel, since lori was so eager to find a hotel - she was willing to go - and since nobody can communicate well than me (im not pulling myself up - its just that i was again the unanimously voted as the official spokesperson of the group *rolls eyes* hahahaha) lori and me decided to go. it was freaking chilly and windy and i was only wearing shorts and lori was even wearing SHORT shorts!  - i dont have any warm clothes with me. we went to a hotel which looked farely 4 star (to be honest i dont have any money to pay for this). they were full already so no vacancies left - good thing the staffs spoke english so lori asked them if they knew another hotel - the woman receptionst directed us, she was so nice and very eloquent - so me and lori kept walking and walking until we cannot find it so i decided to turn back but lori was determined.
alex the red nosed australian! hhahahaha (grabbed from ben)
suddenly a man came up and lori asked him, he spoke a perfect english - he was staying in a 3 star hotel somewhere near us! so we went there - the man receptionist spoke perfect english too and i let lori do the talking while i smoked outside (i needed it badly).

the rooms were perfect it was a very cheap. but i told lori i didnt need a room, i can sleep in the car - because i dont have money to pay anymore. when we got back - there was a unanimous decision - since its not a must for all of us to sleep in the hotel - we all decided to sleep in the car hahahahahaha - BUT we also decided to chip in money for a room in the hotel for ben. as a gift for him for depending our lives while he was driving, for his calmness while driving and leaving us still unscathed (hahahaha) its also a preparation for him, so he can sleep good because he will have  LONG DRIVE TOMORROW - from sines, portugal - cedeira spain will take 12 hours of driving about more or less 1000 kms.
HEAD LOCK HIM RUBS!!!!!!! hahaha (grabbed from ben)
bloody hell.

we parked the car near the hotel, and all of us went there - the man was a bit suprised that all of us were there but only 1 guy was checking in! hahahahahahahaha nevertheless he was still ultra friendly and hospitable to us!

it reminds me of my highschool days...  we dont have money and we go to mcdonalds.. all of us in the counter but were only ordering one big french fries with shared money and share with 5-6 people :) times had changed it will never be the same but the wonderful memories will remain.

the frontdesk guy was so helpful to us he even let rubs and hannah use the hotel toilet and if ever any of us needs toilet in the morning all we have to do is go in there.

he told us that theres a town feast and we should go there! before we can even ask for directions - he already wrote it on paper! i was.
the food fest in sines and look at soem people looking at us! hahaha
.. i dont know whether to laugh or cry. i had never received this hospitality from stangers in europe all my life. it was all too good to be true.

when we went down - since were at the top of a hill - were going to a street named "rua da vasco da gama" i just discovered that vasco da gama was born in sines....  i had goosebumps all over me, since my favorite subject is world history - he is well known in my history books in the golden age of european exploration where he discovered goa, india and lots of places in south africa. here i am standing in a small city where history took place - i am living my dream. i gave justice to my favorite subject in the world - history. i couldnt ask for more. perfect, everything was so damn perfect! i was hungry! its time for heebeejeebies! hahahaha

at the feast - everybody was looking at us! hahahhahahaha they were totally unexpecting strangers -  let alone NON PORTUGUESE WAS THERE IN THE FEAST AND ACTUALLY MINGLING WITH THEM - it didnt helped that hannah was dancing while she was walking - i was quite a bit embarassed because i am a low profile person and not used bein being watched with attention.
ooohh scary walking in the darkness in sines! hahaha
but come on lauro! this night was our night!

we all felt like celebrities there! a sleepy old town - then people from 5 different countries - philippines, uk, canada, 2 australians and israeli just invaded it! hahahahahahahahaha.

in the middle was an old school rock and roll band playing classic rock songs! but they also do cover from alternative bands in the 90's and haha bruce springsteen!amazing! we splitted up - the girls and the guys - so me, robbo and ben were really hungry and wandered off to find real food - we found a bbq stand with sausages, steaks, pork chops and more! so we dont know what to do! the woman behind the counter smiled at us and i asked if she can speak english and she said not, but motioned for us to wait then she shouted to man who came hurrying! apparently that guy can speak perfect english! hallelujah! hahahaha, so we ordered!! 8 euros for a portion of sausages, steaks and ribs with salad and french fries!

as we were waiting to pay - some random old man sneaked up behind robbo AND TOUCHED AND HUGGED HIM in his waist and body and whispered somethign to him! hahahahahhahahahaahahahaah he was speechless and i was in shock!  hahaha i was the only one who saw it and i cant help laughing all the time! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha sorry alex - i cant stop laughing if i remember it! hahahahahahahahaha you were punkd! hahahaha it was a gay moment for him! hahahahah well i couldnt blame him, the boy is goodlooking.
him again?! *rolls eyes*
ok ok ok ok, its my compliment *rolls eyes* because he bought me a drink last night!

the girls found a bar with a guy from the uk was also working - all was in good mood! i had sausages and fries - but i didnt ate it - it was too salty - i think they marinated it in saltwater because it taste like the ocean! hahahahahah hahahah. we had our FIRST EVER SANGRIA and IN PORTUGAL NOT IN SPAIN! hahahahahahaaha it was flowing with sangria as robbo i think kept ordering! i didnt drank that much coz i dont wanna have a headache. then rubs eyes were wide open because i popped out burgers from mcdonalds in my bag! hahahahahahaha heebeejeebies! hahahaha

everything was perfect - it was almost magical! there we were - got lost, tired, hungry, nowhere to go, tensions - this was the perfect way to break the cool ice.
rubi rubi rubi!

as we were enjoying the band, the feast, the lights, the beautiful people, the magical town of sines we all discussed our plight in roadtripping inside portugal, this was gonna be our last night in this country and we summarized all what happened to us, we may not be in the best beaches of portugal, or found the grottos of lagos, but definitely in sines, we experienced the culture, the hospitality and the heart of portugal. magic, simply magic!

we hanged out till 1 am as we listened to the great band who was playing! but ben must go to sleep, as we all planned to leave at 6 in the morning in portugal (7 am in spain). robbo, hannah, rubs and lori still went to the beach - me and ben went up - i want to sleep already in the car.

i brushed my teeth outside the car and gargled beside a house :D hahahahahahahahahahaha - i waited - till 2 am till the guys came back before i go to sleep because i have the car key.
rubs enjoying her seafood meal!

i  slept with a smile on my face. we bonded all the 6 of us spitirually and emotionally - we overcame another challenge that has been set upon us.

"getting lost is the true beauty of travelling" - i quote you rubs.

that bloody  duck was really lucky after all.
lauro says:
o di ba?! bonggang bongga?! hahahahahaha

kaya go na sa europa kuya! andito ang true happiness! hahahahaha
Posted on: Sep 13, 2008
andiboi says:
furlalu amfota ate...
a fun read lauro :D
french fries and brushing your teeth in open air... aaah! brings back memories hahaha
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
najiah10 says:
awesome. :) and it was really sweet what you guys did for Ben!
Posted on: Jul 25, 2008
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HEAD LOCK HIM RUBS!!!!!!! hahaha
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him again?!  *rolls eyes*
him again?! *rolls eyes*
rubi rubi rubi!
rubi rubi rubi!
rubs enjoying her seafood meal!
rubs enjoying her seafood meal!
the band at the feast!
the band at the feast!
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