nothing plastic, it's fantastic! come on barbie lets go party! ha ha ha yeah.

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the tension between was now a bit broken, that idiotic thing ben did was the perfect ice breaker for us, were all in speaking terms! and thats good, i felt somewhat relieved, but not yet 100%. it was getting dark now.... the sun was almost eaten up by mountains in the horizon, there were almost no people outside, but it was.. it was a soul searching journey across the little "barrios" of southern portugal, were driving away now out of the algarve.

we passed much smaller barrios, over bridges across fast flowing brooks and rivers, forested mountainside. a very slow portugal as if time stood still (as if portugal wasnt slower as it is). i swear i also saw fireflies in the bushes amidst the darkening light!

so everyone was ok, i think its time to put the music on, as i was sifting through pablo's 443975675783040 cds he gave to us for the road, i cant believe we played all the cds! i asked if they were game for metallica, well not really, so i inserted a cd which doesnt have any cover on it, a burned cd.

it took a while before it loaded coz it was not an original, then all of a sudden - some punk ska band was singing to the tune of IM A BARBIE GIRL IN A BARBIE WORLD NOTHING PLASTIC ITS FANTASTIC! hahahahahahahahahahahah hahahaha i was laughing so hard at that! and all the guys too! it was really amazing - as in, it was out of the blue, here we are, lost, tired, hungry and smelly then came this amazing song. hahaha and i cant believe lori! she was really singing her heart out to barbie girl! then at the chorus we all sang together! oh my god i just realized! when this song came out, i was already 20 years old and the guys were only TEN YEARS OLD! hahahahahah i couldve kissed pablo for inserting that cd when he gave us a bunch of cds to listen to!

then all of us were talking at once! tension was definately broken! then came another tune - WHY DONT YOU BUILD ME UP BUTTER CUP DONT BREAK MY HEART in punk and ska version! hahaha i was singing too, but i know i couldnt carry a tune in a bucket! but it was all in the fun! then we talked about how narrowly we made an escape when ben overtook a big truck with a dead angle. it was just surreal what happened to us in the last 24 hours!

from aljezur, we have to go to the town of odemira, just following the n120 secondary road. weve started driving out of lagos at about 8:30 pm. we were driving for about 1.30 hours now. and that 1.30 hours so many things have happened in between!

all i can say was that, we were such lucky bastards!

we passed the small town of odemira and now were heading to cercal, the final town before sines that we decided to camp and spend the night.

it was dark now, and got a bit cold, but we were still humming and singing to pop songs in punk and ska covers. ben was ok now, tired, but at least his spirits were lifted, the guys - alex, rubs, lori, and hannah looked quite comfortable at the back, robbocock still the mean big machine, and me, i lived through this.

we discovered a part of portugal that we havent'd even dared to go.

we were tiny people in one shining car.
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