the most beautiful journey i had and experienced through my heart: the beauty of this land.

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en la serra da capelada
.... and finally it has come to an end. we may not have followed the original road of our roadtripping map, we missed andalucia, the great desert beaches, swam in the beaches of algarve in portugal, and the beautiful cities of sevilla and granada, but we were on a "trip" that many lessons in life that can be learned. one of them is friendship.

december 31 - this is the day i finished my blog.

it was hard to start and finish it.

hard to start because eventhough i brought something for me to write, i just couldnt write all the things happened, the notebook remained blank, unfinished, unclear. the only recollections i have are my pictures and my memories - everytime i look at them - it brings... painful joy in my heart - joy of how beautiful everything was and yet... it pains me that all beautiful things in the world must come to an end.

hard to finish, because i want to blog about this as long as i remember all that happened. to finish means giving everything up, stopping and not looking back.

but the one thing that i will always remember - is that, i followed my heart - i followed the whispers of the spirits and brought me to my ultimate dream, of being in spain, of kissing her lips.

i had lived everything. i have seen the heart and true beauty of spain, it was not the elite and glamour and parties of madrid and its beautiful people - it was in a small town, far from everything, a town which outsiders have never even known. a little pueblo called cedeira and in cedeira - there is a little rose hidden far beyond everyone's eyesight. a rose named señora lucia. a dignified old dame, who served us till her last energy. never-tiring and never complaining, but she's also a strong willed woman and her voice is the head of the house. she is spain. she was the one i was looking for and i found her. pablo, i know it is very hard for you to read this blog because of our language barrier, and i will try to say it in  my spanish and simplify what i had said - tu madre es el simbolo de españa, ella es la rosa de cedeira, señora lucia.

when i think of her, i think about my mother, who has also served me and over-protected me throughout these years. but i took it for granted, i never knew how that these are all about our mothers, sacrificing everything for their children.

when i arrived in madrid, i called my mother, and joyously told her that - it was the beginning of my dreams and my desires. but there will always be opposites of everything, the alpha and the omega, the yin and the yang. my mom told me that she was very sick and she can barely stand.  i told her that moment, at the airport in madrid, that if she wants me to come home i will do it.

but she said no, she wants me to live my dreams and go for it.  i was halfhearted in the beginning of this journey. but i was strong and i am good in hiding my feelings, this is for her and for me, of finding our roots, our fragments.

i know this is clichè, but i want to thank rubs, hannah, lori, alex and ben for coming with me. our togetherness within 10 days had secrets, had desires, had laughters, had pains, had fears and hopes that shall forever stay in spain and portugal. you were the best that happened to me.

rubs, you will be forever my favorite londoner. you were the quiet one in the group. and if there are some arguments, you were the last to voice out your opinion and you always nail it. thank you very much luv, wherever you are, i know you shall leave a mark in all the places you will be.

lori, your no-nonsense attitude, level-headedness and quick thinking saved us from all mishaps that would-be hapenning. in all 10 days we are together - everything went smoothly because of you. thank you ver much lori. you collected everyone of us while we were scattered.

hannah, its a pity that only the last days of our trip that we talked that much. but it was worth everything.  i was watching from the distance all the 5 of you - and you are the one who doesnt complain and ready for everything, you go with the flow. thank you.

alex, thank you for saying "you celebrated your birthday with your friends" friend is a very special word, it is a bonding of souls. in such uncomfortable moments in the trip - you were the one who always makes everyone smile, with your blurting of jokes out of the blue. i will never forget my silent laughs everytime you pick on someone. hahahahaha (sorry this is getting dramatic, i had to laugh again hahahahaha)

ben, you were our feet - there is the mind and the arms, but withouth feet, they cannot move. you are the most sensible person i talked to for a while. sure there were funny moments between us, but - we talked about life, im sorry we didnt talked with a bottle of beer on the beach as promised as we were on the road most of the time.  but if it werent for you, we would never had found the true jewel of portugal. i wish you the best in your exploration of the world and i am hoping you will also find what you are looking for. you are a true traveler.

pablo, how many times i would have to say "thank you" for inviting us to cedeira, your home, and to meet your family your gracious father señor manolo, your mother and the cat lola, the princess of your home. your family have given us much more than we asked. muchas gracias mil veces.

robbocock, our great machine, i know we almost fucked you up, but we didnt, thank you for your strength and your might "la poderosa", warming us in the nights and not failing us as we travelled and roadtrippped northern spain and portugal, together with your little cousin, "the black egg" you made our trip much easier than it looked like.

to the people of cedeira, to the men - los amigos del pablo that we had spend our nights, thank you for opening up your world. for us you were strangers, and for you we were strangers, but there was never a language barrier.

adrian, the little boy from madrid, who has the courage to speak to me and taught me more than many grown ups that i will ever learn my lessons in life with.

tirso and madrid, you showed me the old spain, the elegant, the class, the style - you made me feel even for a short time, a madrileño.

the beautil, the enigmatic, the mystic, the stormy, the melancholic, and the tempestous weather of the acantilados en la serra de capelada, with the four winds of the earth circled my frail body that kept my spirit alive and where once in my past i had been, thank you for giving me the warmth in your cold arms, with you, i found love in solitude.

portugal, you have given us more than we could ask for, we might not been to your best beaches, but we found your true kept secret, the hospitality of your people made you a country that i will forever cherish in my heart.

and to you galicia and cedeira, you never knew what you had done to me, everytime i close my eyes i still dreamt of you, an ancient connection between the two of us, with your undying beauty, you pulled me through the warmth of your embrace, you had found me and i had found you because  you are my home, i promise i will come back to you, running barefooted and freely in your cliffs, where the waves of the mighty atlantic ocean will once more caress the undying hunger of being free and being alive again. so much love, so much warmth to give.

as for me? well i am 30 years old, i lived my dream, i had seen it, touched it, spoke it and felt it. there is nothing more in the world i can ask for, as i said, maybe i stopped travelling for awhile or if, it would just be a bonus for me. i may never been to many countries, nor visited many cities in this world, but when i grow old, i will have many stories to tell. i will remember.

an ode to my mother.

mama, i never got the chance to tell you the adventures i had when i was away. specially the greatest adventure i had in my life, you never know the anticipation i had, the joys and pains i felt and the love i kept for a time. i never even held your hand nor hugged you for the last time. but i know, wherever you are, i know you are happy. with you being the brightest star in my universe, smiling, looking and guiding me whatever misadventures i would have, you will always be my inspiration. thank you for being my mother. thank you for giving me the life to experience everything that is beautiful on this earth. happy birthday mama, there may not be fireworks this time but i know you are happy where you are now and and for the last time, i will say goodbye.

for my mother, for all the mother's in the world, for spain, the most beautiful land i had been to, that brought me back to the arms and love of my mother.

How gentle was the breeze
That Surrounded the way
How loud the sea's roar on the four

Winds everyday

Sharing love, wounded gifts from
Ancient long ago

Together they closed in the circles we know
Will we treasure all the secrets with life's changing scenes
Where our hearts were warm with love

So much love

Will the flowers grow again as I open
Out my hand

Precious time

Time for healing

The beauty of this land

We will treasure all the secrets with life's changing scenes
Where our hearts were warm with love
So much love

Will the flowers grow again as I open
Out my hand

Precious time

Time for healing
The beauty of this land

How soulful those words that confuses the way

How wild the mountains stare as they guard our everyday
Take for granted noble hearts in the golden

Age that's flown

Between us recall on a strong road
We've known
hannah-lou says:
This was a joy to re-read Lauro. Thank you xx
Posted on: Jun 12, 2016
darkinvader143 says:
nakaka-move naman blog mo Lauro...
Anyway, hope you're doing OK right now ;)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
delpumu says:
This blog is truly amazing.... thank you so much Lauro sharing with us.I knew how it feels when all good things come to an end.But the experience and the memories you collect will be remain in your heart forever....I have to agree with you cos i have already fell in Love with the beauty of Spain and i know how it feels.Thanks again Lauro.
Posted on: Jan 27, 2009
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en la serra da capelada