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we finally found the way to get out of porto! it was a heck of a drive for ben! i wish i could have done something - a brother's caring instinct. it was difficult to get out of porto because of 1. less signs 2. so many roundabouts and late signs 3. confusing circular highways.

we cheered as we finally on the way to the beaches of furadouro. but we must pass the small town of ovar first.

so we were sooooo overcited and finally going to taste what the beaches of portugal are.

we were even humming to some tunes from the cd, ben was driving smoothly, no insults between me, alex and rubs hahahaha, lori was writing in her journal, hannah enjoying looking out from the window. everything seems so perfect! it was so surreal! hahahaha

now the challenging part was, ovar is not located in the main highway. so we must AGAIN take a secondary road leading to it. so far so good it looked ok. then until we came to a roundabout. so we were looking for a sign going to ovar, BUT IT WASNT THERE. so we kept on circling the roundabout for about like 5-6 times! and put on our eagles eyes to spot the sign, but it wasnt really there! so we decided to drive to a sign which said "centro" on it, perhaps it will lead us to ovar. but as we were following the road, it was taking us out from the coast as we are going AGAIN to the interior of portugal. aaaarrrgggghhhhh. i wanted to ask questions to the people, but no one was in sight! rubs called england! bondy to be precised and asked him to google the map - but well, it didnt helped!

i was really worried for ben as he was driving in the heat. i know he was tired but he kept saying he was not.   so we went back to that bloody roundabout and retraced our steps! we really looked for that bloody sign but it was nowehere to be find - the we drove back again to where centro said, then i finally spotted a man, he looked like he was hurrying but he stopped - thank goodness. and i asked him if he speaks english - NO - spanish - DOUBLE NO. aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

my god! so i was talking in spanish and he was talking in portuguese - i was asking for directions to FUCKING OVAR WHEREVER IT WAS! hahahahaha he was signaling for us that we simply must go back to the main highway in the roundabout but i couldnt get the details at all. i was so desperate in that moment and we all looked like wet and helpless little chicks! - but suddenly he motioned for us to wait - WHY?! when he came back he was with his car and asked us to follow him! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! portuguese hospitality at its best! i looked at the sky and ROLLED MY EYES! hahahahahahahahaha

so we followed the man, he was driving a little too fast, and ben a little bit slower as usual, he's still feeling the lefthanded steering wheel.

when we were in the roundabout that weve missed because the sign was gone - someone bloody took it away!!!! - he motioned that we go straight and when we finally arrived at the end with a big monument that is the town of ovar already.

it was easy so easy that i couldnt believe weve missed it! well thanks that there was no sign on the roundabout!!! OK?! hahahaha

we finally said all our thank yous to him! he smiled at us and went on with his life. hahahaha thank you so much whoever you are!

and thank you my lucky rubber duckie you saved me again.
Sylvie1 says:
I lov 'portugal' and the peopl there, they are so sweet.
Posted on: Jul 20, 2008
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