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as we were sorting through the map - we found some campsites near porto - just south of the city and we must go to the direction to a small town called ovar and from there some much more smaller towns with capsites and beaches.  the highway we were using will end at porto - so which means we have to pass the city to go to the next direct highway.

at the highways in portugal and in spain we didnt know that they had tolls - or should i say i didnt researched about it - because in germany we have no tolls in the highway and when i was in austria driving, tolls werent expensive and in belgium, the netherlands and luxembourg are the same as in germany, no tolls, the highways are free of use. many spanish friends from travbuddy, joan carles and ivan told me that there are tolls in spain but not that expensive. so i assume thats also the same in portugal.

we were having a quiet but fun time while driving, we were captivated by the sights in rural portugal, the landscape in the north is very beautiful, mountains, valleys, forests, windmills on top of the mountains, it was just incredible.

we borrowed lots of  cds from pablo, mostly - metal, alternative, hard rock! i also had my cheap mp3 player with me, so i listen to some cafe del mar and chill out music on the way.

the guys at the back - lori, hannah, rubs the cheetos and alex were playing a guessing game. alex cant just get enough of me baptizing the car "robbo cock" so when it was his turn at the guessing game, he was describing something but the girls couldnt get it, so i rolled my eyes and i shouted from the front "GOLLUM" hahahaha. that idiot. hahaha.

it was great drive, ben wasnt feeling tired thats important, as he would be our main machine in the trip. we were driving on the coast of portugal down to porto. so to the left, mountains, villages and farms and to our right was the wide open blue ocean.

now came the tolls, lori has our little wallet with our pool money inside, each of us put 20 euros on it, its for the gas and toll pays.

as were about to pay the toll, my lungs went out of air as this toll costed BLOODY THIRTY TWO EUROS! all of us looked at one another. my face were as pale as it can get. we were just starting to get inside portugal and weve already paid 32 euros!

as the highway ended at porto and we were inside the city vicinity, it got a bit confusing. there were no signs to where we are exactly going and it doenst help eihter because its a left hand driving and ben is well A BIT dyslexic :D hahahahah hahahahaha.  there were basically no signs going to ovar! we were like bloody idiots turning around and around, the map didnt helped either and the heat was stifling. so ben continued driving to a direction, but my instincts are telling ne it was wrong, we were driving towards gondomar, which is going to the interior of portugal not on the coast as we hoped.

ben stoppped and they all looked at the map, while i, went out smoked a cigeratte to calm my nerves! hahahaha.

as everybody calmed down, we finally found the ghigway we were looking for! it took us like 30 minutes to do that! it was so confusing in the circular highways of portugal, signs were such a rarity and if so, its too late to spot it!

but it doenst matter - now were a taste of the beaches of portugal and were back in business!

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photo by: alexandra_h