its the last day for me, its a beautiful day.

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the beachfront of sines.
i set my alarm clock at 5 am the next morning because we planned to drive back to spain at around 5 am, slept with a smile and contentment on my face, but when the clock went off, i was far from being contented, still groggy from the sangria, though i only took 2 small cups.looked up to the guys, they were all still sleeping. so i snoozed again hahahaha.

after a while something hit me! i shot from my sleep because i remembered that SPAIN IS ONE HOUR ADVANCE FROM PORTUGAL so which means its already 7 am in spain! so i woke up the guys, still groggy but we dont have much time, its a long drive from were we were back to cedeira which lies in the most northern ip of spain!

all of us were pretty much settled we were waiting for ben, but where was ben?!!!! lori and me rang him in his hotel room! well apparently he overslept and being too comfortable in his good bed! hahahahaha.
the yachts and little boats on the harbor!

the girls went to the toilet of the hotel, me, i just continued to curl in seat, i am too groggy and its too early for me at 6 in the morning! hahaha. but it was such a beautiful day! the sun was shining already, for 6 am, it was already bright.

when everyone was super ready, i mean no more heebeejeebies, we started on the road! now at the brightness of the day, we can see sines, because last night it was already dark when we arrived in the city - and in the early morning - it was such a beautiful city!!!!!!! the enclosed harbor with yachts and mini ships looked like toys from the distance, nevertheless really charming!

i didnt felt sleepy when we were driving out of sines, it was so beautiful!

it was the birthplace of  one of portugal's, europe's and the world's greatest sailor - vasco da gama.

sines will always remain in our hearts for such an amazing night we had!

obrigado portugal.

disclaimer: pics form internet as i dont have self-made pics.

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the beachfront of sines.
the beachfront of sines.
the yachts and little boats on the…
the yachts and little boats on th…
the beachfront.
the beachfront.
the promenade where they had the f…
the promenade where they had the …
this was the view from the citadel!
this was the view from the citadel!
the beachfront!
the beachfront!
photo by: hannah-lou