journey through the old world and i can't believe they slept through it! lol

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endless horizon of yellow and gold earth
from madrid to cedeira, we have to travel through a province in spain, called castilla y leon. a region and province of spain that is decribed in my textbooks in school. as i have said, the philippines was a spanish colony before, and in my elementary time in the early 80's our history textbooks was still biased on spain and very conservative.

this land of spain is very old, it was two kingdoms - castille and leon - formed together as the old kingdom of castilla y leon. it is very very strange, because in the philippines, in the colonial times and i am 100% sure to this date - the people in the philippines do not refer the spanish people as "spanish" or "spaniards" but rather - "kastila" (castillan) i took this for granted and never debated about it, it was a shame because i love history.
castilla y leon's magic.
and now all the things ive learned are coming back to me as i am travelling this dry, hot, arid and humid part of spain.

it looked like we were straight in a western movie! the sky was soooo clear and blue, the horizon seemed endless - left and right are patches of yellow and gold earth, with beautiful fields of  rapsöl (rapeseed) here and there.

i really really really wanted to sleep, but how?!! ok i did, but only for some short moments, as i dont want to miss every single moment of "madre patria" yes i was greedy, i want to savor every moment of it. as i looked at my friends deep in their sleep, i realized that i much more wanted this than them, i mean ok, theyre ready for the adventures we are going to make, but as my country was a colony and my roots are from spain i take it this trip more seriously than them :D

simply a beautiful country, and i am in love already as the bus drove into an endless road and by watching the fields of gold stretched from horizon to horizon.

*disclaimer: i put some pics from the internet of castilla ý leon landscape*

lauro says:
i think we have to go back. not immediately, because all the memories are still fresh. it would tarnish it, if we hurry and go back again, let the time decided if we are ready to go back again.
Posted on: Nov 26, 2008
hannah-lou says:
It's hard being away from the who or what you are in love with. I miss Spain too.
Posted on: Nov 25, 2008
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endless horizon of yellow and gold…
endless horizon of yellow and gol…
castilla y leons magic.
castilla y leon's magic.
the beautiful landscape of castill…
the beautiful landscape of castil…
a real country in the west
a real country in the "west"
these are rapeseeds.
these are rapeseeds.
dead robbo
dead robbo
dead rubs
dead rubs
stolen shot of lori sleeping ^_^ h…
stolen shot of lori sleeping ^_^ …
woke up and hungry inside the supe…
woke up and hungry inside the sup…
hannah was so cool!
hannah was so cool!
hmmm bens foot :D lol
hmmm bens foot :D lol
the only shoes AND SOCKS i have fo…
the only shoes AND SOCKS i have f…