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me and ms. cheetos looking like asian beggars! hahahahhaa
the trip was 8 hours long - we took the alsa supra bus - which was 57 euros going to la corunya - we didnt expect everyting but it was damn worth it! a toilet inside the bus - a movie screen in every seater with earplugs, a stewardess, breakfast and lunch with drinks and a free handover dvd compliments from the bus company! wow!!!! ALSA BUS you are the best!!!!

pablo will meet us at ferrol - theres no bus in the morning from madrid to ferrol - i couldnt find it in the website beforehand - so its better to drive to la coruña then take a bus to ferrol.

till then, there was no problem with the trip - my little spanish was helping us along the way - it went so smoothly.

galicia is very different from the rest of spain - its much more colder in summer - comparable to the climate of ireland - with wild coasts and mountains and hills full of eucalyptus trees.
lori and our backpacks in la coruña station!
  high cliffs, more greener and wetter and constant changing of weather.

the bus station was very confusing AND DESERTED well its siesta time when we arrived about 2.30 pm so almost  everything was closed. as we got off the bus, we put our bags in the pavement and suddenly there was a police who came! hahahah i was damn scared! i dont wanna get jaild before the adventure begins! i didnt know what we did wrong - but he just said to move our bags because were on the way of the bus stops! my god! hahahaha

then after we got settled down and trying to figure our way how to get to el ferrol, an old woman approached of all persons - rubby the cheetos, she personally asked rubs but i heard it, and spoke in english if she wanted a spare room to spend a night, hahahaha ruby was i dont know - she doesnt looked scared but trying to keep herself from laughing, hahahahaha well of course i rescued her and said politely no to the old woman but behind her back i said to rubs, she's probably needing some young meat for her dinner tonight! hahahahahaha

so there we were, looking like idiots and dont know where to go,  so finally, robbo decided to come with me to buy some tickets which we dont know exaclty where to buy them! we went up and it looked like some old office rooms, i knocked on a window and asked an old man if he knows were the tickets to el ferrol are located, he was so helpful! he even asked us that we look on the big screen which i honestly didnt saw the bus schdueles! hahahaha so robbo and me made our way to the ticket counter and bought a ticket to ferrol - it was amazing how i managed to speak to the people in spanish and understood each other! hahahahahahahaha i felt like a mutant and robbo's mouth was wide opened of how things between me and the people were progressing.
finally to el ferrol! NO MORE BUS RIDES! hahahaha
he couldnt believe what he just saw! hahahahahahaha. i just couldnt believe it either!

so we bought the ticket to ferrol - texted pablo and he will wait for us there!
lauro says:
you idiot! read the blog!!! its for you...
Posted on: Sep 03, 2008
fabricciocartone says:
Hahahahhaa! No siesta time, at 14:30 everybody is having lunch! ;)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2008
lauro says:
si yo no problemo con compra las tarjetas! :P hahhahaha
Posted on: Jul 15, 2008
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me and ms. cheetos looking like as…
me and ms. cheetos looking like a…
lori and our backpacks in la coru…
lori and our backpacks in la coru…
finally to el ferrol! NO MORE BUS …
finally to el ferrol! NO MORE BUS…
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