hasta luego, galicia - la tierra de mitos y leyendas.

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galicia in a modern celtic spanish music.
as we are leaving galicia, i felt a part of me died. everything grew on me. it pains me to leave this magical and mythical place. but i know, one day, i will be back again and rekindle the fire inside me, almost like a phönix that once again will rise from the ashes.

 ponferrada is a city in castilla y leon that borders galicia. it is the first stop before continuing to madrid. as it lays in the border, it still has the "galician" feeling to it.

at the bus stop, the conductor said to us that the bus will be away in about 30 minutes for repairs. i got out to smoke some cigarettes, while the guys went inside to the cafeteria. there was a big mirror wall and i can see them in the cafeteria - LOOKING AT ME OUTSIDE while i smoke. i dont know, the guys were staring at me oddly. well, i dont know, but i smoked 2x, because i knew that it will be a long trip of 6 hours more without any stops. it was a good 15 minutes before i went in, and suprisingly, the guys were all waiting for me, because apparently, they wanted to buy in the cafeteria for some food but the server coulndt understand them. hahahahaha. in other words, they wanted me to order for them. hahahaha.

after i ordered for the guys, the last one was rubs, she wanted a meat thing, and it was only 5 minutes left before the bus will depart, it took rubs order like 100 million years before it came! as we got out of the cafeteria, the bloody bus was actually moving! they wouldnt open the bloody door, but a few seconds they gave in and we rushed inside! i couldnt believe it! none of the guys inside didnt even told the bus people to wait for us! arrrrggggghhhh.

after we settled. the long journey through the entire province of castilla y leon to madrid will start. i had the greatest anticipation to finally see madrid at last. but saying goodbye to galicia was the hardest part.

hasta luego, galicia.

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galicia in a modern celtic spanis…
photo by: Pearl510