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it was already 6 pm, and were still more or less 70 kms away from lagos. of course there was still sunlight, but are we going to get there on time? would we still able to find the grottos of lagos? if so, can we make it back in time in cedeira, spain to return the car?

these questions were lingering in my mind and also to the guys.

then before entering portimao, the gateway to the algarve beaches, there was again another toll. great. just great. we dont have any money left! and we gased up 3x already and full tank and one service of  full tank is about 110 euros! my god! i didnt even thought about it.  we have a big car AND diesel, and it was dripping fast, we have to think also of going back! we had cashed out more or less 300 euros for the diesel and more or less 70 euros only for tolls! it was too much! and still not calculating the way back!

as we were in portimao, it was still 50 kms to lagos - which means, another 1.5 hours. it was already like 6.30 in the evening. it was an unusual situation, we were all quiet. then, my greatest fear came, ben cracked big time. he was so tired of driving.

i am feeling so much guilty! first of all, i promised the guys that this would be the most cheapest travel we can do, i even calculated the amount of expenses before getting on the trip. i feel so ashamed and embarassed that the expenses went skyrocket! and for pushing these kids (which by the way alex and ben just turned 20, lori, hannah and rubs were just 19 years old!) me being the oldest, felt the responsibility. for gods sake they are just babies!

with all the arguments of cash being fished out, all the frustrations in each and everyone of us just impulsively exploded. and it happened, the thing i am dreading the most, cabin syndrome. we were so together everytime, that in this case, we need to separate from each other. a time for each and everyone - alone. everyone was complaining now, alex not being able to sleep comfortably, lori wanting to head to the beach, hannah not being able to eat proper foods, rubs annoyed, ben was tired - me, i want to eat rice, good food - im tired of eating bloody junkfoods and in my mind - i want to escape, turn back and head to germany.

we got to lagos at 8 pm, it was cold and windy and chilly - not really a beach weather at all, our spirits were already low and sanked even more.

ben parked the car in a gas station and from there we talked things over. the car is only until tomorrow at 7 pm. i messaged pablo and tried asked him if its possible for an extension, and he replied for a while that we cant because the car is rented the next day.  were not going to make it back on time. now its time for a major decision and all opinions should be voiced out.

i got out of the car and i quietly left the group and smoked, i know that was shameful and shameless of me. in the beginning, they always listen to me and value my opinion, but this time, this time, i will keep quiet and i will let them decide what to do next. i will follow. as i dont want to jeopardize everything, i got them into something that was new and strange to them, out of the touristic areas, people and areas who speak almost to no english, a different culture that they are not used to. to risk.

i finished my cigarette with lots of dark and sad thoughts in my head, and before i threw the cigarette butt, i just realized i was smoking in front of lots of propane tanks. mother fucker, it couldve exploded if i threw my cigarette butt carelessly! hahahahaha it was not yet my time.

when i went back to the car, i almost cried, because they were waiting for me. waiting for my opinion. i just said sheepishly, do what you think what is the best for all of you. i was so weak. mentally and physically. i regreted leaving spain and journeyed through portugal. then the guys decided we turn back, to save time to drive back up to spain tomorrow, use the secondary roads to avoid tolls and go to the direction of sines, where there are campsites located and spend the night there.

we drove from cortegaca, lisbon to the algarve all day for more than 300 kms, for nothing. hearts and spirit sinking, we slowly turned back.
lauro says:
all of us cracked that time! :(
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
acowboy says:
life is but a journey my friend ~ If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all. ~
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
najiah10 says:
cheers to Ben!!
Posted on: Jul 25, 2008
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