in the face of death was a great escape.

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what a fast drive we had! from between coimbra and fatima to porto, portugal was only an hour! it was pretty weird driving back again after three days to the places weve been to and familiar with us! like furaduro, cortegaca, OVAR and porto! hahahhaha.

the highway a1 will end at porto then we will take another highway again which is a3 it will go straight till the border of spain which it will change to ap-9.

now at the roundabout at porto, we missed only one turn! that was really a miracle because THE LAST TIME I REMEMBERED IT we took a thousand of turns before we found the right way! hahahaha.

then in no time we were near viana do castelo!!! and it was only after 2 hours of driving - viana do castelo sounds so good! as it is only 3 nours away from cedeira, spain, which means that we still have 3 more hours to spare before we return the car! amazing! right on schedule.

we now passed viana do castelo! in less than 30 minutes the border of spain to a city called tui. when we were there, there was A MAJOR PROBLEM AGAIN. the road was in repair and we had to detour, good thing we had some spare time, as i am sure that were going to get lost again, and so we did - we were pulling away from tui on to another road GOING TO VIGO but we must go to the direction of pontevedra, it woul not make any sense to follow to vigo as the highway would end there. then we were in some sort of dirt roads, but i told ben just follow it as the secondary roads in spain is as same as in germany that it all leads to the main highway and i was right! we saw the sign going to pontevedra and followed it! i cant believe we were back in spain! everything was easier for me, the language, the highway - piece of cake!

at pontevedra, it was so easy! as there was a sign already going to la coruña but we must first pass the next big city which is santiago de compostela, now this is were the problem arose.

when we were at santiago de compostela - in the circular autovia - we were following a car with 60 km/hour speed - SUDDENLY IT FUCKING STOPPED WITH ONLY FEW FEET AND INCHES AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ben's reflexes were so so fast!!!!!!! that damn driver didnt had any signal that he was gonna stop he JUST SUDDENLY STOPPED!!!!! what an idiot! hahahahahaha lori really really really freaked out! my heart stopped beating! good thing that no one was behind us or else we could have crashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE GREAT ESCAPE!  madre mia!  ben and me laughed after that! hahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahaha because how many times did we cheated death?! and fucking the car up?!!!! hahahahah -  lori was so upset, so i kept quiet for a while.

after a short moment, EVERYBODY WAS TALKING. but ive never scared in my life (said for the millionth time), we were few inches from crashing into a car and yet were still alive and breathing! we were such great escape artists! i got to hand it to ben for his cool head when everyone screamed, for his cool composure and didnt panicked in milliseconds.

 my adrenaline was so fast and i never felt so much alive after, i salute you ben, you were such amazing.
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