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the great roadtrip plan!
my best friend - ana had been sending me dvds of latin american and spanish films. because i told her that my favorite actress is maribel verdu from spain. and she inserted one latin-american film in the package called "los diarios de motocicleta" its about the roadtrippping adventure of che guevarra and his cousin throughout the entire latin american continent. i got inspired by the movie - what if i do something like that in spain? so no second thoughts - i would do it and asked nina to come with me - but unfortunately we did not have a focal time for our trip. then i asked rubs - i was only joking with her when i asked her and she said she was game and bringing along her two best friends - lori and hannah.

the original plan - was to explore andalucia region of spain - and algarve in portugal.  were just going to sleep in the natural parks of huelva and cabo de gata in andalucia and in the algarve, camp around and if things get sticky - sleep in the forests or in parks or train stations - no hotels or hostels. the girls never ever complained about it. they were game joining me on the trip because we all knew this trip is just going to be once in a lifetime. es una fantasia - una vez en la vida -  que sera sera.

so i made a forum thread about it if anyone wants to join us - and ive got some positive results from my friends - byiang, tarryn, debbie and jim.

unfortunately - byiang, tar and debs have to cancel it out and i was sad. so its gonna be me, rubs, lori, hannah and jim. suddenly in the first quarter of the year - robbo expressed interest in joining because of our love of life and adventure no matter what lies ahead. so a group of young and not-so -young people united for a certain cause this summer.

everything was set out and planned - we have our tickets and our first stop will be madrid and make our way down south in andalucia.

but we can never control the situations in life - even if we try to - fate plays in our lives and changes its directions. ive met pablo which in turned became my best friend who is an amazing person - although we had quite some trouble communicating with each other because i know literally no spanish but we get along because of his unpararelled sense of humor which i love in a person - el pollo locco. he invited us to his small town in cedeira in northern spain - which is total opposite of our direction - i asked the people involving me and they said it would not be a problem. so the journey would start in madrird - to cedeira - then to andalucia and back to madrid again.

but i was always challenged by the planning of this journey - everything is going wrong - everything is not turning right. that i almost almost backing and dropping everything. but my friends never let me down and gave their all heart support for me to finally realize a dream that i was really longing to come true - ana and lili - muchos gracias mis amigas - ana  - mi mejora  amiga - la rosa de heidelberg y lili mi favorita peruana y maestra del lenguaje espaƱol.

as i was playfully browsing through some forums in travbuddy - i noticed a young man with a same passion for us who is keen to travel and have a lust for self discovery - i asked him if he would be willing to join us - he was a bit adamant or skeptic? so he had met first with the girls - lori, rubs and hannah and he was convinced in an instant. thank you for coming ben (smeeb).

so the 6 of us will make our way to spain and portugal (without jim anymore as he had to back out) - a roadtrip of - friendship, sharing of laughters - or maybe tears - of joys and happiness, enjoying everything what comes our way, of desires and fragments, of discovering, travel and adventure!
lauro says:
no problemo jose! the pleasure was mine ^_^
Posted on: Jan 19, 2009
Gandul says:
Wow! Incredible posts!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Posted on: Jan 19, 2009
Pearl510 says:
Great blog again! I can just feel the excitement!
Posted on: Aug 19, 2008
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the great roadtrip plan!
the great roadtrip plan!