back to madre patria! viva el pais de espanya!

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i will miss your driving ben.
were still pumping with adrenaline after that near fatal accident. but i couldnt contain my excitement!!! were back in spain! were back in madre patria! from santiago de compostela, its only 2 hours till cedeira! with still 5 hours left of spare time. were so advanced in schedule!

now the road ap-9 will end at two cities - la coruña and el ferrol. before la coruña we decided to stop again to tank diesel, its a bit chilly here, well galicia in general is chilly even in summer, when we parked, we searched for toilettes and we still couldnt stop talking about that accident. we kept saying how great our driver - ben and almost fucking up robbocock! hahahaha hahahahaha

after we finished our mini-stop, we drove to la coruña, PAID THE LAST TOLL that were gonna see in our entire life! *rolls eyes*.
after 4 days of roadtripping in portugal - i turned into a monkey! hahahahahahaha
the from la coruña only 40 minutes left to el ferrol and then cedeira at last! and with 2 hours to spare before we return the car! amazing drive ben! 8 hours for over 750 kms!!! saludos el mejor conductor! the roadtrip calculation exactly 2000 KILOMETERS IN 4 DAYS!!!!! good job by ben and robbo cock! hahahahahahahahaha (nickname for our car) AND COSTED US FOR TOLLS AND  DIESEL MORE OR LESS SEVEN HUNDRED EUROS! hahahahah haha sorry sorry sorry guys, it was way way way over than my calculation.

pablo was waiting for us in cedeira! he even brought along his friend julio to help us, but in turn, we managed our way. so we all gathered our belongings, cleaned the car for a bit hahahaha, then lori, hannah, rubs and alex went back to house and freshened themselves, while me, pablo and ben went back to el ferrol to return the car and to buy the tickets for the bus back to madrid!

at el ferrol - the woman in the rental car company was shocked, amazed, astonished etc that the car was driven for 2000 kms! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
at the small restaurant in el ferrol.
then we went to the alsa bus office to buy th tickets - it was like 4 pm, the office was closed - what do i expect?! SIESTA TIME  *rolls eyes*. now after all the heebeejeebies me and ben were so hungry! then we went to the little restaurant at el ferrol bus station, we ordered hamburgers for the two of us - well pablo ordered the hamburgers and actually paid for them! hahahahaha i love you, you idiot! hahaha - then our orders takes a million light years before they came so ben and me decided to go back to the ticket office, it was open, the we bought  tickets - it was strange as it only costed 32 euros, before we paid 57 euros, hmm then i found out that the bus is only ordinary not the supra bus, when we got back, the burgers were there and i was eating slow, but pablo hurried me up! arrrrghh apparently he wanted to show us something? really?!! i poured my fanta already in the glass, as pablo was practically twisting my arm to hurry - i poured the fanta back into the can again hahaha and hop into his car! hahahahaahahahaha

pablo toured us in ferol - it was a beautiful rustic, old city, looked like time stood still, unfortunately we dont have much time. he drove us to the old center of ferrol, which is beyond words for me, it reminded me of the city of liège in belgium. old rustic houses, run down almost, but still quaint and charming. it really adds to the beauty of el ferrol. but nothign beats being back in spain again!
fabricciocartone says:
Anxo, Santi, Alex & Julio!! ^____^
Posted on: Sep 08, 2008
najiah10 says:
"i felt amazing...... i feel spanish." - i know how that must've felt. been there, done that.. and i really miss that feeling! :(
Posted on: Jul 25, 2008
lauro says:
oo naman ate buhay na buhay ako! tang ina kala ko talaga titirahin nila ako sa loob ng toilet! hahahaha siyet! hahahaha
Posted on: Jul 22, 2008
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i will miss your driving ben.
after 4 days of roadtripping in po…
after 4 days of roadtripping in p…
at the small restaurant in el ferr…
at the small restaurant in el fer…
photo by: lauro