we almost died but i was asleep ^_^ and i couldnt care less! hahaha ^_^

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when we drove out of sines, back to the main highway going up to spain, we didnt had time for breakfast, so we had breakfast on the road! we had orange juices, those yummy lemon bread, some crackers, RUBINAS CHEETOS (hahahaha there was apparently an unlimited supply!), lori and hannah kept passing food for us! it was amazing, a bonding that i will never forget and i was eyeing ben's rice crackers which i kept stealing ^_^ hahaha and ben was complaining that it was so unfair that we were all eating and he was not! i just rolled my eyes! hahaha. ben was actually dying for that yummy lemon bread but he cant open one and eat it! so what i did, i took one out and kept feeding him on the way! hahahahaha

i asked ben if he was ok and ready for driving 12 hours straight WITHOUTH ANY PAUSES until we come to the border of spain. he said he never felt good in his life. GOOD! hahaha but seriously, he said he slept so comfortably on a straight bed, but well yes, overslept because he called his sister in israel before going to bed.

on the way to lisbon, i fell asleep AND deep. when i woke up, we were already in the outskirts of lisbon, there was a massive traffic jam going on, because it's the start of the work day about 9 am. the guys were talking and ranting that we almost had an accident on the way and we couldve crashed on a car! i just looked at them blankly asked for some orange juice, gulped and curled back again on my seat. hahahahahahaha.

but the light was too much, i was curled but my eyes were open, in the horizon, i can see the massive 25 de abril bridge that we have to cross AND PAY TOLL and lots of helicopters were maneuvering above, i hoped they were looking for idiots with a car from spain which was us ^_^ hahaha.

as we came nearer to the tollgates, ben's amazing sense of direction for which he was still not used to driving left handed simply failed as we drove to the wrong side of the toll gates! hahahahaha hahahah hahah we went straight directly to an automatic toll - where there is an infrared scanner for automatic tolls of vehicles which are already prepaid installed (haha sorry i cant give a right explanation) hahahha.  when we passed that - alarms went on!!!!!!! fuck i was really scared - of all the things and days we did in portugal nothing happened to us and were glad we didnt fucked the car because its in pablo's name. my heart was beating fast - maybe the toll operators are already calling the police to follow us! but thank god! NOTHING HAPPENED!!! hahaahhaha hahahahah hahahah escape artists! :D but were proabably thinking that the car company will recieve a bill and send it to pablo - nevermind - we will chip in money for that! :D hahahahhaha such lucky bastards we were! hahahaha

but all the cars that were passing us, kept looking at us. i hid my face in the car, as i was so embarrased, still i am waiting for some police cars to follow us, but after we passed lisbon, there was still nothing! amazing really amazing!

it was a straight drive from now on! the next town would be coimbra, then porto, then viana do castelo! i needed to fgo to the toilet, but i must try to control it hahaha, because there was a deal that no toilet breaks until the border of spain.

before i slept again, i asked ben if that is ok, since i am the co-captain of the car, he said its ok, since there arent any complication on the way. i looked at the back of the car, the guys too were starting to snooze. poor ben, he will be again left alone to drive.
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photo by: Johnpro