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the landscape of algarve.
after our short tour of lisbon, we went back to the carpark, the heat was stifling. so me, ben and alex went into the washroom, dabbed water on our faces and washed our hairs (i still have hairs that time! hahaha) the girls too, freshend up. it was about 3 pm.  then we went to the parking meter and good lord for almost 2 hours, it was bloody expensive!  we just realized we used a hotel or some sort of business parking lot. oh well, doenst matter at least robbocock was safe! hahaha

we followed the way to wehere we went to get into the highway. it was a pretty smooth drive actually, so far so good, nothing bad was happening. we just have to cross the massive 25 de abril bridge to get to the other side - down to algarve.

algarve has the best beaches in portugal. specially in lagos,  it has many coves, grottos, secret beaches, lots of national parks and still untouched nature.

as i was seated on the front with ben, i realized we were pulling away from the bridge, and were going to cascais, which is located at the western part of lisbon and dead end to the coast!

so we must find a way to turn - a good 30 minutes was lost! it was hell to find a way to the other side, and we took some wrong turns again - so all in all an hour was lost just trying to go back and head to the destination to setubal and from there use another highway!

we cheered as we were finally crossing the bridge!!! it was bloody massive and a statue of jesus christ - a replica in rio de janeiro in corcovado. of course it was picture time! hahahahaha there were lots of clicks in just a minute, poor ben, he couldnt take a picture as he was driving, he asked me to make some for his camera, i obliged of course!

then the fear of fears came, we werent even at the half of the bridge when we saw from the distance that cars are lining up! what for?!! you guess it! TOLLS! hahahaha i was really pissed off of this. i am a little bit numb seeing these and paying these tolls, but i couldnt because everytime, it costs so much!

as we paid it, setubal was on the sign. then we were at the crossing, A BIG SIGN SAYING - THIS WAY TO THE  A  L   G   A   R   V   E  hahaha a riot of cheers broke upon us! algarve here we come!

we passed again small towns and cities, it was basically an easy drive, because thats the only highway that is going to the algarve, chicken feed. but i can see ben, as i was seated beside him. he was not as comfortable driving as before, his hands were shaking now, sweat coming out of his skin, he really looked uneasy, well, he was driving straight for 3 days now, i can understand that, but i was worried, bloody, he is still a boy!

it was strange as there was not a toll on the long drive. we passed so many cars going also to the algarve, cars with surfboards on them! we were really so excited! i saw some large trucks coming from germany too! i felt a bit homesick. - yes i am much more homesick to germany than in the philippines.

but let this heebeejeebee drama go away! im here to have fun! and i am with the most amazing people in the world!

it said so in the sign that algarve is still MORE THAN 150 KMS. oh my god.. i was worried already that we couldnt make it...  ben drove for like 1.5 hours now.  as were heading down more to the south, its much more hotter and humid and the landscape changed dramatically.

from ehere we came from in the north, its chilly and full of pine tress and red earth, but here, since going south is also going to africa in the sahara, the influence of weather is obvious. the hills are much more yellowy, olives, cork trees, not enough vegetation. ok  - deserty climate!

but it was amazing, it just happened and turned 360°c, i couldnt wait to swim! coz i know the water will be warm!

soon, we were driving up and down up and down again to zigzaggy hills and mountains. far in the distance, i can see something blue, the ocean perhaps? or was it just a mirage?

nevermind, i am now worried about ben. because it was a non stop driving in the heat. in the beginning it was fun, but now, getting a bit serious, it isnt fun driving alone with little sleep and not enough energy from the foods we were eating.

i always look back to check the guys, the first to crack was alex and rubs, but they seem ok now. hannah was cool, and lori kept writing on her journal or, listening to her mp3. i have so many doubts on my head and in my heart. its getting late, and were still 100 kms away from lagos. and we have to return the car tomorrow at 7pm. in other words, im not so sure if were going to make it.
FemkeI says:
Always when I travel through Lisbon airport to go to the Algarve, I prefer to take the bus or train, and then rent a car.
Probably you went over the national road, it's a long way, for who doesn' knows the shortcuts. There is a paid highway, for I guess little more than 20 €
Posted on: Mar 15, 2016
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the landscape of algarve.
the landscape of algarve.
photo by: huibdos