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Gastein Valley, on our way
Since I was a kid, I always wanted to go to Minimundus. Its a model-garden, with a lot of beautiful buildings... a hundred or so.
The plan was, to catch a train in the morning to Klagenfurt, since both me and my friend had a network-ticket.  Well, we managed that alright. In the station they announced, that the train was going to be split for going to Klagenfurt and the other part to Zagreb. So, we got on to a wagon that had Klagenfurt written on it and searched for a seat, but found non. So, being with lighter lugguage than others, we went through a couple of wagons and found a seat in a nice wagon finally. When the conducter came, we found that were sitting in first-class, but he let us, because the seats were empty anyhow.
Rosenbach... still Austria, thank god.

The landscape on the way was amazing, going through Gastein Valley. When we reached Villach, there was some long announcement, but of course, while chatting away, we couldnt be bothered with listening. Then the train pulled out of the station again and guess what, it was going into the wrong directions. At first we thought, it was like Munich, were they change directions again... nah, it wasn't. We were going towards Slovenia, what else. I wouldn't have minded going there, but we wanted to go to Minimundus AND it would cost extra past the border. Besides, we didn't carry a passport with us. So, getting nervous, we prayed for the train to stop somewhere before crossing the border.  And it did. In Rosenbach.
Me and the Taj
Last stop. Phew.
Rosenbach is a tiny village, consisting of not more than twenty houses, a restaurant and the trainstation. And a path to Maria Elend, which is a pilgrimage-church.  We walked around for a bit, because the train back was leaving an hour later.
When we got on that, we were more careful and asked, if we needed to change trains somewhere and indeed we did. We joked about our woes and the conducter heard us, obviously. Because in Villach, he told us specifically which train to take and told us to listen to all announcements. I guess, he thought we were really silly and unable to survive on our own. Nice of him, anyhow.
Well, we caught the right train and went to Klagenfurt. On the way, we saw Faakersee and Worthersee, which are stunningly blue and beautiful... I'll return to those someday.
Finally in Klagenfurt, we found Minimundus without further trouble and it was amazing! So worth it... and inspirational... added a lot of places to my list. Felt like being really there at times.
 It was really hot though, and we had to rest a lot. Thank god, they had drinking-water wells and nice benches in the shadow.
And then the batteries in my friends camera gave up, so she was frustrated... I really need to get myself a digital-cam too. Now I only have one with film and I barely use it. Borrowing is such drag.  She really just wanted to take a picture of the Eiffel-Tower from all sides and she got really excited about that... I think going to the real Paris would just freak her out. lol
We also managed to have a Kärnter Nudel (Carinthian speciality) in the minimundus-restaurant, which is a noodle dough filled with cheese and spices, with melted butter. Not really my favourite, but it was okay. (And better at Grandmoms, I suppose.)

Well, we had to go back pretty early, with the last train to Salzburg... Good thing was, we found a bakery, that sold their bread and sweets for half the price, because it was past five. We don't have that in Salzburg, so we bought a LOT of stuff and felt sick by the time we came to Salzburg.
The only sad part was, that we didn't see a lot of the city itself, but we saw the legendary statue of the Lindwurm, Klagenfurts own Nessie. The other sights and sounds in the guide I got in the trainstation sounded skipable, but if I get back someday I will look at them still.
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Gastein Valley, on our way
Gastein Valley, on our way
Rosenbach... still Austria, thank …
Rosenbach... still Austria, thank…
Me and the Taj
Me and the Taj
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