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View from the cabin

So, the previous Thursday I received an invitation from a friend, to celebrate her sixtieth birthday with her... and since she is a big fan of mountaineering, of course, this birthday bash was set on a mountain. Untersberg, to be exact. This mountain can be seen from practically every corner of the city and I looked at it for quite a number of times, but never got a chance to go up. Funny thing was, this party had actually been planned for a long time by my aunt and I knew about it, before the birthday-child did.

So I was picked up by my aunt quite early, well, for a sunday at least. I did wonder what to wear, because it was warm may-weather outside, but I knew there was snow on the peak... proper trekking-shoes and several layers of sweater and some extra in a rucksack.

We drove to Grödig, where the base of the cable-car is. (Haha, did you actually think I was going to WALK up??? The only person who was able to force me to stuff like that was my dad, bless his soul.)
So, we kind of had a group ticket. My cousin said, she'd never go up on her own, because its expensive. It does cost about 20 euros for non-Salzburgians, which is fair I guess. But yeah, I waited too, till I could go up for practically free, so who am I to judge.
So, after a little waiting-time we went up. Sadly I didn't get a window place... and so I just stood there in the middle of all these experienced trekkers, who were all over 55 and by far fitter than me... listening to trekker-jokes. Like this one (when the cable car was swaying a bit and everyone was quiet and giddy): "I hope this cabin isn't like the tyrolean ones, where the floors just open.
.."  Of course everyone was like "haha", but they still inspected the floor. There were some Indian tourists too, who didn't understand the joke, but still got nervous, what with everyone eyeing the floor while we were hanging some thousand metres above ground.

When we f i n a l l y (after like ten minutes) reached safe ground again,  on Geiereck, there was a stiff wind blowing and there was deep snow everywhere. So obviously, quite some people were surprised by the cold, all of them in my generation, shamefully. So I handed out my extra woollies. The view is stunning, because you just see the whole city in one take. Sadly, it was a bit foggy.
We then went into the Huette, where we had some tables reserved. After some gifts and a lot of tears, we ate some wholesome austrian dishes.

View from the mountain over the city
.. the kind that contains everything that makes nutritionists faint. One of the guests forced (I think, she must have) her sons to play some humbtata-music for us, which gave the whole experience the right mood.
After that, whoever wanted could go on the Salzburger Hochthron, which was like the nearest peak. Of course, I went... being the only one under 60, because the "youngsters" were kind of lazy and more into drinking in the warmth.  There was an american boy sitting in the snow, hyperventilating... he had never seen snow before, wasn't dressed right at all and I think the whole view scared him. Some of our experienced trekkers went back with him and his brother to the hut. A teacher had accompanied them, but she was pretty unexperienced and aroused the general anger of the group.
Me, before our trip up. My aunt didn't come, so no peak-photos
Apparently the poor guy had frostbite too.
As I said, the snow was thigh-high and was kind of wet and melting.  Still I fought myself up and down and up again... the path was kind of hilly.  One time I nearly fell over and had my bare hands in the snow, but when one of my compadres asked me if I was alright, I was like "Yeah, its really warm, actually". I was laughingstock, but really, the snow felt warm. So, after some near-death experiences like this, I reached the Hochthron... as first of the group, haha... and they complimented me on my fitness.
The view was amazing. You can see into Oberoesterreich, Salzburg and Bavaria... and big parts of the north-eastern alps.
Then we each had a sip of rum, which is apparently tradition, we all touched the cross, or hugged it, just because of lack of breath.
(not talking out of experience...) and made some photos, which will be put up here soon.

Then we went back to the huette and heard some myths about the mountain.
So, the myth of Untersberg is, that Emperor Barbarossa and his knights apparently sleeping inside the mountain. They will only awake when the crows stop flying around the mountain and then the ultimate battle between good and evil will be fought. His beard is apparently circling around the table, because he was sleeping so long.  I love stories of that kind.

At about five, we all took the last cable-car-ride down... and I actually saw two chamoises, stalking around on the practically vertical slopes. Sadly, I couldn't take a picture.

Well, all in all, an exciting day, even if it was the lazy-people-version.  My boyfriend is threatening to make me walk up that mountain this summer. And I think I actually might just do that...

oceanroses says:
I still didn't come round to do it... but I went up a second time in the cable car... But this summer, I swear. ;-P
Posted on: Apr 29, 2009
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View from the cabin
View from the cabin
View from the mountain over the ci…
View from the mountain over the c…
Me, before our trip up. My aunt di…
Me, before our trip up. My aunt d…
photo by: oceanroses