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So, I went to Heidelberg to visit my friend, who studies and lives there... well, actually she lives in Eppelheim, which is not very exciting, but I'll still post pictures. So, on the evening I arrived my friend had planned a big night out, to show me how much partying you can do in this town of students. I've been there before, before I joined travbuddy, obviously, otherwise I would have posted a review or something and I will do this, this time. Well, we went to Nachtschicht last time, which is near the railstation and went to the old city this time... my night out was a bit overshadowed though, because after 5 hours trainride from Salzburg to Heidelberg I was seriously tired, especially since I had to get up at like 5:30 to catch the train. And then there was also constantly arguments going on, between the couple present and also their friends, that were totally useless too, because they were on the phone and about where we would be going... Once again I was very glad to be single.
Well, when we finally all came up with some sort of plan, we drove to the Havana, which I will review below, so no point saying anything about it. Then my friends boyfriend went home with his friend, to play playstation... Hah, what? Instead of partying? Well, we went out with the rest of the gang, who all refused to be photographed. We went to i-punkt, which apparently was supposed to be THE dancing and partying spot in the inner city. We had to go behind the famous Hauptstrasse and past a lot of bars... the funny part was, that it we met so many hen parties, it was nearly getting spooky. Then to i-punkt, which was just a bar and though we danced first, I was still in a bad mood and the music became worse and worse, beside my having the feeling of being chaperoned by the guys who were with us.
So we left and were thinking of going home, so we went down Hauptstraô┐Że, only to be hit on by three irish guys, who were actually hanging out in front of an irish pub called Dubliners. We made a bit of fun of them, because of it, but my friend didn't want to go, because the music wasn't good in there either, so we went on. Sadly, because I have a soft spot for irish guys, even though these were drunk.
Well, my friends bf offered to bring us home, since he was already bringing his friend home and we had a meal at McD's till he came...
It was a bit of a "yay-awn"-night.

troysgonewalkabout says:
I really like "yay-awn", I think I might steal it :)
Posted on: Dec 15, 2011
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