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Schloss Sighardtstein

So, on this sunny day in May, I went out to meet my friend Ari in Neumarkt. She is originally from there, but since she studies in Germany, we are not meeting as often anymore. I used to be in Neumarkt quite a lot earlier, since my friends mum and I get along well too.
Now, Neumarkt is your really average austrian country-town, with two or three supermarkets, some clothing stores, little quirky stores, a bar, some restaurants, some schools and a church. What I love about this city is that its a lot like the city that I grew up in and that its embedded right into nature. Besides, here everyone seems to know everyone and since I have been there so often, quite a number of people know me too and say "hi"... what a change to Salzburg, where even people who know you, pretend to be strangers.

Neumarkt Fields

So, on this weekend, Ari and I decided to head out for a walk around the town. This place apparently has a lot of hiking and biking going on, which I never noticed. It was a really sunny day, like the first summer day. I am a big fan of summer, so I was excited about heading out with just a shirt and no jacket.
So, we headed out of the city to Sighardtstein, which is an adjoining village. There was some sort of horse-riding competition going on and the sound of the speaker was all over the place... since we didn't understand anything, it was funny. We went over a couple of hills and then to a pretty pool, with roses and leaves. Nothing to go swimming in though.
Then we visited the parents of a friend of Aris. The friend is currently travelling South America, so we chatted about that for a while and his mom told us about some funny experiences I had. Needless to say, I was green with envy.
Then we went around Sighardstein some more, looking at Schloss Sighardstein from the outside, which is pretty and the sort of place I will never live in. :-(

After that we headed out to the meadows. Ari and I got kind of hungry, so we decided to eat some herbs. We were both really proud, because we are both country-kids and are totally able to survive in the wild, just eating stuff that grows everywhere. We had a kind of competition, who was the bigger herbivore and was able to put together a complete meal with just grasses and flowers.
I saw a hill with some trees on it, embedded in meadows, and really wanted to go there, but Ari didn't want to get into trouble with the farmers... so we just followed a road into the fields. But then, the road ended and we came to a stream and decided to turn around. But then we got attacked by some horse-flies and they bit us. We ran off, but they followed us and we both panicked and jumped of squeaking like girls. That much for the "surviving in the wild"-part. ;-)

We then went to a little chapel upon the hill, it has a bench, but since it was on the non-windy side, it was filled with horse-flies, so no relaxation for us. We went back into the town over a hill that was freshly mown. It was filled with cats, trying to catch mice. It was funny to watch. After the sunset it started getting dark quickly, so we decided to go home and have some real food.

Overall, it was a nice day and we want to have a bigger tour this summer, maybe to the  other surrounding villages or even with our bikes and a picnic basket. And I got a tan... haha.

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Schloss Sighardtstein
Schloss Sighardtstein
Neumarkt Fields
Neumarkt Fields
Neumarkt am Wallersee
photo by: oceanroses