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Fireworks, if you look closely you can see the castle
Well, I spent this with some friends. First I had dinner at a friends home, Kasnockn and Radler, made by her mom. Excellent.
Then we went into the city, and caught the last bus into the city... and that only went to Mirabellplatz. It was 11.30 already and the bus was crammed with people from all over. We were chatted up by two german guys, a bit drunk but quite nice. I was fairly sober and thought it was good fun. When we got off, we fled and did a little steeplechase with the people, who didn't know that midnight was almost there.
Then we finally reached a good place, or so I thought till then, which had a good view of the castle. Then we were joined by some friends, who were also already drunk and brought some mini-rockets along.
Everybody started firing rockets before midnight, which annoyed me.
See, you can see the Festung... I brightened the image a bit. Thats what it looked like too,with all the smoke.
There were some people who fired rockets from sockets in the ground and one imploded and the ground shook. Then my friends started firing off the small rockets and one fell to the ground and went scuttering off, over some italian guys shoes. I couldn't help but laugh histerically, but the guy didn't think it was fun at all. Seriously it was a mistake and it didn't explode or anything. He went berserk and screamed at my friends in broken german. For a second I thought that he would hit her in the face.
Then the official firework started, which is a really expensive matter, and usually really beautiful. I don't know why, but I didn't enjoy it as much as usual. Not only did I get cynic comics about nothing changing in the new year anyhow, but also, I was standing in the middle of the smoke of the private rockets and it was freezing cold.
I caught one during its explosion
I will search for a more private place next year, should I spend it in Salzburg.
Much worse than our mishap... ten minutes later a large rocket swished along the street and right into the celebrating crowd, exploding with a bang under some people and sparkling left and right. Those people were shocked and a girl fainted. I doubt they do hear anything today.  I don't know who fired that one, but it must have been some idiot who didn't keep with the security-warnings. I wonder, if he got caught and charged.
Afterwards me and my friend seperated from the others and went on the public concert on Residenzplatz. Its held up by a coverband, who play a dancable music from the 80s to now. This year, their playlist was a bit weird, but still fun. Its free, its open air and if its not raining, its good fun. I remember the same setting three years ago, when the ground was wet and I had dirt in my hair even.
The crowd was a bit quieter than last year too, since it was late and as cold as never before.
We went home when the concert was over at two, not without stopping to slide a bit on the ice-skating-rink "Mozarteis", which was open for the night.

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Fireworks, if you look closely you…
Fireworks, if you look closely yo…
See, you can see the Festung... I …
See, you can see the Festung... I…
I caught one during its explosion
I caught one during its explosion
Sliding about a bit..
Sliding about a bit..
photo by: mountaingirl