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For those interested in Opera, theatre and arts on stage, the Salzburger Festival (Salzburger Festspiele) might be a concept. For those who just think ????, this is a festival of the finest arts... not only on stage, but because of the large amount of artists and people interested in arts, the galleries and museums also produce an extraordinary amount of exhibitions. These people usually have a lot of money to spend as well and sometimes just come to be seen and mentioned in the news. Yes, b and c rated celebs celebrate themselves.
The centre of all the performances is the annually repeating "Jedermann", a theatre, that is staged in front of the Dom, openair. Every year another posh cast is ahem cast and the newspapers always get all heated up about the "Buhlschaft", the love interest.

This year, my aunt invited me to go with her and I was glad of it, because the tickets are really expensive... 40 Euros and more.
The play was, as I said open-air, and the day had been nice and sunny, so guess, who didn't bring a blanket... well, I thought it didn't match my posh-y outfit.
The play itself is about a man, who gets richer and richer by cheating and mistreating his tenants and other people. He spends his life partying, even though his mother just wants him to take a wife. Only when he meets "death", he is transformed... death gives him a chance to find someone who would share the deathbed with him, but noone, not his love-interest, not his friends and not his riches (all played by people) will. Only his "Good Deeds" (a ragged old woman) is willing to defend him against the devil and lead him towards god. (There is a lot about god and belief in the play, which is propably the reason why the church allowed it to be performed in front of the Dom for years).
Its still worth looking at, if your german is good and I thought a lot about how my good-deeds looks like. Hopefully she is still a healthy woman.
I felt less healthy, because I was freezing most of the time, since it got pretty cold and I envied all the woman who brought thick blankets.
Afterwards my aunt went to a jazz-and-blues-bar, (I don't remember the name of, but will research and review) and had a pizza and a nice chat. Nice evening.

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photo by: mountaingirl