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Photos are courtesy of Dan, again.
Dan (Frostbourne), my travbuddy, really wanted to go the eagles nest, but it closes over winter and we missed the last opening date by two days. Well, if you walk up one mountain or another doesn't make much of a difference to me, so I suggested Gaisberg and Dan accepted. Well, the first part actually is already pretty steep and we were panting a few metres up. I actually wanted to take the route I walked the first time, but we got lost and took another. One that was a lot prettier, actually, because it was through the forest and up a hill. Well the hill was a killer, actually, because it went up almost 70 degrees steep and pretty wet as well, so we slipped sometimes. I think Dan wasn't too excited, it being his first alpine-mountain and all.
When we finally reached up, being overtaken by some guys, who kind of jogged up and having to step aside, when they ran back down.
And while we sweated and panted, some smiling pensioners crossed our way and families with buggies... (They all drove up half the way with a car and did the even-leveled roundwalk, I am sure.)
Up there, we went to a Gasthaus and I had a salad and Dan had our typical "Kasnockn". Quite tasty.
Then we made some photos for a proof and decided to walk back down before night-fall. The way down was horror, because it was covered by leaves and underneath there were so many rocks, I constantly hit my toes. Besides we were both so tired and it was quickly getting dark. On looking back, we should have taken the bus, I guess.

(Btw, Dan has a great blog too and there are more pictures. Just a little advertisement here. ;-))
Frostbourne says:
Thanks for the advertisement;)

...Oh the Kasnockn reciepy! busy publishing it as we speak.
Posted on: Feb 26, 2009
oceanroses says:
He said he wanted to publish the one I translated for him... so lets wait for that.
Posted on: Dec 12, 2008
gejah says:
I am waiting for the recepy of Kasnockn! According to daniel it was really good!
Posted on: Dec 12, 2008
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Photos are courtesy of Dan, again.
Photos are courtesy of Dan, again.
Yes, this high!
Yes, this high!
photo by: mountaingirl