Gaisberg at noon, or how to test your circulatory system

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My boyfriend told me he thought I wouldn't make it halfway up Gaisberg with my level of fitness and I didn't agree.
So, the next weekend, I woke up especially early, or rather intended to... because when we finally started off it was 11 am and about 33° C. My boyfriend had trekking shoes on and a real backpack and all, while I just had the wrong outfit and sneakers. Thanks to that I had to bear being laughed at half the way up. Well, we didn't talk a lot for the rest of the way, because of lack of breath. Even though most of the path was through a forest, it was really hot and we were tempted to jump into every little puddle... (well, we actually did jump in every puddle.)
The few people we met, were on their way down and looked at us as if we were nuts.
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.. and made comments about my shoes. Some people also went downhill with bikes, just city-bikes, and I bet they drove up with the bus or something, because those bikes wouldn't have made it up the steep road. ;-)
 Still we made it up with a few little breaks and breakouts of sweat. I must say, the landscape was beautiful, especially I since love all sorts of forests.
On the last piece, which was on the plateau, there was a naked guy lying in the grass... I just looked around because I saw something move and there he was... looked like he was around eighty. My bf looked too and was like "Was that guy...?"
Once there, we had a some food in the more traditional of the restaurants up there. Schmalzbrot... which practically is bread covered in fat. And then we went to see the view, and make out our houses. Then we watched some paragliders start. Then we went back down, and I was grateful I didn't feel my feet anymore.
Finally down, we blindly followed the sound of flowing water, because we so wanted to take a dip into a pool... but then there was a couple in the pool already... them !")§&$/§("".  We could just splash around a bit. It was funny though, walking through the posh living area, all wet and sweaty with crazy eyes.
Well, I had seven blisters and my muscles were sore... so next time I'll get real shoes. ;-)
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photo by: travpro11