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The tower
It was a really hot day, about 33°C and my friend from Neumarkt wanted to meet up for some swimming. Practically for the first time this year... practically, because I already had wet experiences with my cousins dog, in a stream, a couple of times.
Now, you have to know, that Austria has a lot of lakes to offer and I live very close to an area called lake-county.
We decided to go to Seekirchen, which is on Wallersee, a mire lake. The official bathing area is attached to a camping-area... usually I am not a big fan of going to the official bathing areas, because they cost money and its usually filled with screaming kids and their shouting parents. But this time I agreed, because Wallersee is a mire-lake and you never know, which place is full of plants and mud.
Of course, its not this emtpy in summer
And then, big suprise, the place was actually free! We couldn't believe it and waited for a big bully coming and asking us why we hadn't paid, but non came and after a while we stopped looking around in panic and relaxed. Since it was Sunday, everybody and their grandma had the same idea and the place was full.
We then went to the water, and what annoyed me, were the sharp stones at the beach. The water was quite warm and there is a swimming tree trunk, a couple of islands and a tower. We got all childish and clung to the treetrunk for quite a while and tried to sit on it and whatnot. Till an older guy came with his kids and kept staring at our... ahem... female attributes. We then swam over to the tower and even did a couple of jumps... till I got so deep in, that I felt weed around my feet and nearly screamed.
The bathing area
I would have loved to swim further out, but there were plenty of windsurfers and they looked as if they didn't care about a single swimmers life.  I wanted to rent a pedal-boat, but my friend was against it, because of the heat and the expenses. Ah well.
After being in the water for about an hour, we ate some finger-chips, which is part of going swimming like... having gifts at christmas. Going back, I lost a few chips and was suddenly surrounded by ducks, waiting to get more. Spooky.
We went back in the early evening, because it started getting too cold to lie around in a bikini. Nontheless, we had a good time and did about the same the next day... with the difference that on a monday it was less full... and I saw a water snake.

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The tower
The tower
Of course, its not this emtpy in s…
Of course, its not this emtpy in …
The bathing area
The bathing area
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