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So, since my aunt is sort of a c-rated Celeb in this city and knows a lot of influental people, I once again got free tickets to a high-rise event... namely the Buena Vista Social Club, thats performing in our own masterpiece of glass-and-metal-architecture. I have only ever been in this buildings to have drinks at the bar and pretend to be so rich, pretty and famous... just like everybody else did. Well, this time around, all the pretenders met again and a local paper photographed everyone for the news of the week and the who is who.
Since this is a cuban band, I wondered what to wear and dressed up in a white sun-dress. Funny thing about this Hangar-thing is, that they try to keep it very airportish, with a row of skinny, pretty blondes standing around in air-hostess-uniforms.

They just stand there, thats all. Funny to me, even though a girl I know works as one of those eye-candies, or whatever the job-description is.
It took a while for the band to appear, so we went upstairs, to the sky-bar and the funny thing was, that it got warmer and warmer, the higher you go, because the air-conditioning apparently only works downstairs. The sun was just setting as we were up... I did not want to walk on the glass-floor, because of the dress and I was worried about people seeing my underwear. Because of the romantic light or the blonde appetizers at the entry, quite a number of men became flirty with my aunt, her friend and I. We went back down, because we had a huge white couch close to the stage.
The restaurant in the first floor was full of VIP's.
.. you know the sort, where you don't know who they are if they are shown in the local gossip paper.  What excited my aunt and her friend a lot more, was the toilet-area in the cellar. "It has REAL towels..." (I do too, in my home.) "They have a HANDLOTION..." (Me too...) "Its so clean..." (I guess, I actually do have a luxury bathroom at home...) "Oh, look at this gaming computer, that you can write jokes in.." (Well, I don't have that, FYI)

The band was good, what else. The sad thing is, that due to the Hangar being pretty freezing on the ground, not a lot of people felt like dancing. It was really heartbreaking to see the extraordinary talent of the band and their dancers go to waste, because of air-conditioning and stuck-up Salzburgians. What was really funny to watch all the women trying to animate their husbands/boyfriends to dance. One woman was trying for two hours, by dancing at him, dancing with someone, dancing alone, cajoling him, poking him, bringing him drinks, while the guy just stood there, like he'd swallowed a stick, crossed arms and all. I danced some with the people surrounding the stage.
We had to go home quite early, because our drivers were "elderly ladies", who need sleep, ;-) ( sadly or happily.) Sadly, because we missed a part of the concert and happily, because we missed the part were all the celebs eye each other...  


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