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The bathtub. Notice the lack of a shower head and of a way to mix the hot and cold water! Otherwise, it was lovely.

So, while I like the Argyll, it has a few bathroom-oriented quirks I'm finding challenging.

  • First, it has a tub but not shower.
  • Second, it has hot and cold faucets but no way to mix them.
  • Third, the tub is just barely big enough for me to fit into (I took a bath Monday night).
  • Fourth, no wash cloth.

So, how does one wash one's hair and face?  One resorts to the lessons learned visiting grandparents who didn't have indoor plumbing.

The room did come equipped with an electric kettle.  The bathtub has kinda high sides.  So, one fills the tea kettle with enough hot and cold water, leans over the tub, and soaks ones hair (thank goodness for short hair).  The, while still leaning over the tub, later and rinse.
This is what I looked like when I got back to the hotel after my phone call to Jeff. If this isn't good for some 'wife points' I give up! :)
With a wet face and water in your eyes, re-fill the tea kettle. Apply conditioner, rinse again.

Then designate the smaller of the two towels and 'honorary wash cloth' and use it accordingly.

Not ideal but it gets the job done.

Tuesday was a winter storm kinda day -- it rained all day. The rain wasn't so bad but it was being driving by winds of 15-20 knots, easily. It started raining after the morning service. I was perusing the gift shop in the Abbey (and broke down and bought a fleece jacket. I needed a level of warmth that I couldn't quite get right with the jacket or the sweater I brought, dammit).  I definitely needed it in the wind and rain!

But I still needed to call my beloved husband (I do miss the little bugger). Cell phone reception is a hit-or-miss affair on Iona.
Poor little red boat, bobbing in the wind, rain, and waves.
I found the only place I could get reception was about a 15-minute walk from the hotel, out in a field. Though it was raining BUCKETS I tromped out there and squatted down next to a stone wall in a desperate attempt to get out of the wind. Just so I could call my adorable husband.

I was, of course, soaked when I got back to the hotel. I thought about all the things I wanted to do that day.  I went to the Spar (local convenience store and closest thing to a grocer on the island) and picked up bread, cheese, and fruit. The Iona community sponsors an all-day and half-day pilgrimmage walk each day. I really wanted to do the half-day and figured this would be my lunch.

After the trip to the Spar, however, I decided God actually wanted me to take a nap.  All that rain and all that crazy wind.
My at my (dry) drawing station.
.....ate the bread and cheese and apple in my room and napped oh so well!

Wandered down to the sun room, which faces the harbor. It was still blowing and raining like stink. I had my drawing pad and pencils with me and tried to capture the image of a little red rowboat with yellow seats being tossed around by the blue and gray waves.  Eh, I'm a beginner so it wasn't that good but I did enjoy myself.

After another good dinner -- french onion soup, grilled portobello mushrooms and sorbet -- I heade for the Abbey with two other women from the hotel for evening service.

Tuesday nights are a healing service.  I put forth the names of Cole Whiting (a friend's nephew) and the Seames family (friends from Texas). They prayed for both during the service. It was a beautiful, calming, warm service. They also did a laying on of hands for healing. There was a strong current of love and community in that room. It was worth the walk in the rain.

Got to bed late (sat up reading and finishing the cheese and bread).
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The bathtub. Notice the lack of a …
The bathtub. Notice the lack of a…
This is what I looked like when I …
This is what I looked like when I…
Poor little red boat, bobbing in t…
Poor little red boat, bobbing in …
My at my (dry) drawing station.
My at my (dry) drawing station.
Coming up on the Abbey.
Coming up on the Abbey.
The cemetery next to the Abbey.
The cemetery next to the Abbey.
St. Michaels chapel, outside
St. Michael's chapel, outside
St. Michaels chapel, inside
St. Michael's chapel, inside
photo by: WorldXplorer