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<sigh> No luggage. I've been in-country for 24 hours and no luggage. Everyone at British Airways has been lovely but until they actually deliver the goods, all the sweetness in the world won't count.

So, I had to do a bit of shopping at the Glasgow airport today (yes, I did make it to Glasgow). I'm staying in the Holiday Inn across the street (literally) from the airport (ah, the benefits of regional airports). Picked up toothpaste, toothbrush and a few other can't-live-withouts. Then discovered that the Relaxation Station was open!

It was closed when I came through yesterday. It offers seated massage. I signed up for 10 minutes.

As soon as she put her hands on my shoulders, I knew two things:

  • She was a good, properly trained therapist
  • I needed this, bad

Even with a 10-minute massage, I released a phenomenal amount of tension in my neck, shoulders, and back that I wasn't aware I was carrying. I could feel the shiver when she squeezed my shoulders that let me know I had a lot of surface tension.

My thinking cleared up a bit too. It takes me 24-48 hours to really shake jet lag (double that if I cross the International Date Line). I felt more clear-minded when she was done.

My only regret is that they aren't not allowed (or really able with a seated massage setup) to work feet and legs. They're a bit puffy after all that time on planes in the last day or two.

Never pass up seated massage, thinking "oh, what good would 10 minutes do for me?". It can help you deal with jetlag and the insults your body often receives while travelling.  Besides making you feel good.

I also benefitted from a little "shop talk" time, which is always nice. They introduced me to a therapy I've heard of but never experienced before -- the Bowen Method. Quite interesting and worth some follow-up on my part. It definitely helped a sore hip.

Yes, I know I'm biased but at least I use my own product. :)


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photo by: spocklogic