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It was a nice day to stay in the hotel.


So, I made it through the hike yesterday. It was lovely. Today, I'm exhausted, my feet have too many blisters, and my leg muscles hurt.

Time to sleep in, catch up on e-mails (and travelogues), and recuperate. I'm up at the town tourist center for their super cheap internet access. I've also found a cool product for blisters. It's a band-aid with medicated pad just for blisters. Colpeed? Something like that. Several of the people in our group recommended it.

Several walkers swear by lambswool for padding the feet to avoid blisters. One of our group --- Kate -- even gathered random bits of sheep wool lying about. I sprung for a pair of lambswool shoe inserts.

Here's hoping.....

Had a cheeseburger at a local coffee shop.  Didn't quite hit the "homesick" target but it was good enough.

Wooler is a lovely little town too!
I also swung next door to the little grocery store to check out the candy situation. I like to sample the pizza in new countries. I also like to be up to date on the candy. :) The English do more "jellies" kind of candies (which I like) and lots and lots of chocolate.  Little bit of white chocolate to wash down the cheeseburger works quite nicely!

But I'm still limping, sore, and a bit discouraged. Many of the people in our group can not imagine not walking. I'm not here to accomplish anything, other than explore the walking and enjoy myself. The walking is teaching me things about my general health, what I do (and don't) enjoy in a walk, my tolerance for rain and mud (!) and what it means to actually enjoy myself.

The walking is good but I recognize that I chose a holiday that is beyond my basic abilities. OK, plan B........

Tomorrow, I hike again.


oldschoolbill says:
Always good to have a PLAN B
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
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It was a nice day to stay in the h…
It was a nice day to stay in the …
Wooler is a lovely little town too!
Wooler is a lovely little town too!
photo by: Documama