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Tea and coffee every evening after dinner. Do NOT make the English skip tea and coffee! You have been warned!

So, after yesterday, I just couldn't face my hiking boots or the potential for more rain and mud.  I was pooped!  So I told my roommate to tell the hike leader I wouldn't be joining them today. It was only 8 miles and it was going to include St. Cuthbert's hermitage cave (which I really did want to see) but, again, I was pooped!

I decided to lay down again after breakfast for another hour of sleep.  I woke up 4 hours later (1 pm) when housekeeping finally knocked and asked if they could make up the room!

Oh, crap, apparently I was even more tired than I thought! Time to get up and out.

I wandered into town (eventually) and did a little internettin'. Walked around town, twice (it's not a big town).

One of my stops in town was a funky used bookstore / antiques / catch-all place.

Don't they look perky after a day of hiking, damn them?
It was wierdly organized. Some books were displayed on bookshelves in the traditional manner, except for being double-stacked, so you couldn't see the ones in the back. The place was thick with the smell of dust and old paper (a smell I particularly like).

They were sorta kinda organized. Well, there were taped labels on some of the shelves that more or less matched the books on the shelves.

Except when they didn't.

There seemed to be a fairly shallow representation of the world of literature and it often seemed to stop somewhere in the 70s. I wandered a bit through the incredibly cramped warren of rooms. In the very back of the store, there was a door that stuck. But it did eventually open (it was OK to yank it open, yes?) and I found another room full of books.

Mr. Slowpoke sports a special feature of our hotel -- your key comes attached to a teddy bear (note the bear sticking out of his pocket). He brought it to each meal, perhaps for moral support.

This room wasn't even remotely organized, though it was apparently meant to be a public room. Books were piled on each other, with no effort to even turn the spines out so you could determine what they title was. If you found one you were interested, there was a better than average chance that there were 10 - 20 other books teetering precariously on top of it. Yet, they did seem to be available for purchase, oddly enough (I was pretty sure it wasn't a storeroom). Some of the books were even displayed in the conventional manner.

There was a nervous little man there who kept peering at me. I later realized that he had wanted to close up early but I'd wandered in just about that time. Apparently this store is as much hobby as business and it makes him kinda nervous when people actually come in to buy things.

Eva (on the left) and Sylvia (on the right). Sylvia is the one who fell. They have been friends since they were 11. The hike together several times a year. I suspect they are in their late 60s or 70s.

I picked up two books, just in case I run out on the airplane -- a thin volume on Roman and Anglo-Saxon English history and a slim hardback of a mystery at a modern convent (well, "modern" as in the 1970s). Paid for them and freed the owner to lock himself safely in again.

It was a lovely day to have a wander. The town is as hilly as the trails have been, so I don't feel as bad as not being out hiking as I might have otherwise.I have learned that it's one thing to walk a day, it's quite another thing to be able to do it again the next day. Stamina stamina stamina.

Mr. Slowpoke and his wife also took today off.  The hike yesterday (they did all 13 miles) wrecked her feet and legs. After my two tours around town, I headed into the hotel pub (such a lovely place!) and found them. Also found out about all the excitement I missed this morning.

Since the Slowpokes weren't walking, they told the tour leader to take their cell phone number and call them if anyone found they couldn't finish the hike and needed to be picked up. 10 minutes after the group left they hotel, their cell phone rang.......turns out one of the walkers (Sylvia) tripped on the sidewalk (the sidewalk!) 200 yards from the hotel, fell face first onto the ground, and cut her head and broke her ankle!

Good thing the Slowpokes didn't go walking.

When I ran into them, they had just returned from the emergency room in Berwick-upon-Tweed, 15 miles away (the closest emergency room). Quite the morning of adventure! The biggest challenge was to get Sylvia to slow down on her crutches and actually let someone help her up the steps in the hotel! She was even thinking she might do a bit of walking tomorrow (her hiking buddy, Eva, vetoed that idea quite vehemently).

Everyone was all abuzz about the fall when they got back.  They enjoyed the hike as well (though the cave is covered with grafitti, it turns out). Excellent views.  Muddy but not too rainy.

I wish I could tell you more about the charms of hiking England today but, um, I slept through most of it.

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Tea and coffee every evening after…
Tea and coffee every evening afte…
Dont they look perky after a day …
Don't they look perky after a day…
Mr. Slowpoke sports a special feat…
Mr. Slowpoke sports a special fea…
Eva (on the left) and Sylvia (on t…
Eva (on the left) and Sylvia (on …
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