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So, I'm getting to spend about 6 hours at Heathrow.....

Every leg of this trip has been bedeviled -- delays due to summer thunderstorms, not enough gates, too many planes in line to take off. And this 24 hours already had 5 travel segments!

DC to Chicago. Normally a 1.5 hour flight. But we were 1.5 hours late leaving the gate and the spent 30 minutes on the tarmac waiting for clearance to take off.

Chicago to London:  Hung out on the tarmac for 40 minutes till a gate opened up.  Ran (not easy in Birkenstocks!) to make the flight. They were making the final boarding call as I huffed and puffed my way in. (Note to Charlie -- I really need to start running again!). Then the flight was 2 hours late pulling away from the gate. Since it's an international flight, they can't leave till every passenger's luggage arrives (you can't be on separate flights internationally).  Then we sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes waiting to leave.

London to Glasgow: so we got into London 30 minutes late (not so bad) but I still blew it and missed my flight to Glasgow. After 1.5 hours in line for customer service (though the British Airways people were as friendly and professional as possible), I got re-booked.

Glasgow to Oban, therefore, ain't happening today. I'll be finding digs in Glasgow (hopefully a backpackers or hostel) and heading straight to Iona tomorrow. When I can drag my sorry butt out of bed. I couldn't sleep on the plane last night so I'm running on adrenaline today. I'll pay for that tomorrow, bet on it.

This is the first international trip I've taken on my own and it's the first time I've travelled without my husband, Jeff, or friends in a very long time. Jeff and I balance each other out -- the talents I lack, he has and vice versa. So his last words to me were "don't freak out at baggage claim!" (ahem, something I'm prone to do).

Which is, ironically enough, why I missed my Glasgow flight. I was oh so patiently waiting for my bag so I could hand-carry it through Customs and re-check it in on the other side. There's how you clear Customs in the US.

Ahem. You don't have to do that here. So I spent probably 30 minutes waiting (patiently!) for my luggage and then found out I didn't need to, it was already on the Glasgow flight.

Since I also had to change terminals, that's why I missed my flight.

But I never freaked out! I was patient, kind, and pleasant!  I swear!  So, Jeff, I do listen to you. Sometimes.

But I do miss his company, his shoulder to sleep on, his not-so-gentle snoring on the plane, and his skill at navigating airports.

OK, back to the phones to book a hostel.


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