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Time to reverse my travels -- Edinburgh to London to NYC to DC. Sujai makes sure I get out in plenty of time to catch the local bus to take me to the airport bus. It is as easy as he said it would be and I gaze out the windows missing Edinburgh already.

I spend waaaaaay too much time in too many lines at too many airports. I swear British Airways makes up reasons to have people stand in lines! The flight from London to New York included a family with 5 children under the age of 6. They (the children, not the parents) spend the flight running up and down the aisles, singing to each other, and being a low-grade but constant pain in the ass. Every 30 minutes or so, one of their parents says "shhhh".

I've got too much time at JFK but that is way better than having to run to catch a flight. I enjoy iced tea for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Why can't the English, who are crazy for tea, grasp the concept of iced tea???  The few times I tried to order it, they looked at me like I'd just asked them to pour it over my head. I quit asking.

I arrive at National airport at 11:45 pm. No Jeff at security. Hmmmm, maybe he's in baggage claim. 40 minutes later, no Jeff and no luggage. It's now almost 12:30 am and I am starting to panic. I don't have a working cell phone. I don't have American coins I can use for the pay phone. I can't remember my calling card PIN number. I can't place a collect call to Jeff's cell phone. I don't want to wake up our housemate. I'm alternating between being convinced that Jeff is out drinking with some sailing buddies and has forgotten to pick me up or that something terrible has happened to him on the way to the airport and I have no way of finding out.

I begin to panic (and where the f**k is my luggage????). Yes, I am waaaaaaay past tired and way past my bedtime.

And here comes Jeff, all smiles and a big banner that says "Welcome Home and Happy Birthday". I practically jump down his throat because I'm so on the edge with wory about him. Turns out, he apparently just missed me at security and had been standing up there for the last 30 minutes wondering where I was!Then I hug him and thank him for the poster (and almost cry, but not quite). My baggage turns up about 30 seconds after Jeff does.

Let's go home.

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