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The view out my bedroom window (when I finally woke up).

I slept poorly last night. Got a wicked case of cramps that wouldn't respond to Ibuprofen. Finally took advantage of the hot water bottle in the closet. Probably didn't drop off till almost 1:30 am.

Made it to the 8 am breakfast. I met a lovely couple from Glasgow and we compared UK vs US vacation allotments (the US lost).  I actually tried haggis and blood pudding.  Both presented like sausage slices.

Haggis. Not bad. Kinda spicy. Would go best with ketchup.

Blood pudding. OK, it's really really hard not to think about what it is when you slice into it. It's black on the outside and, well, red on the inside. I didn't care for the texture or the taste. Not sure what the attraction is.
My lunch spot.

Then......went back to bed. It was a stunningly gorgeous day, all sunshine, high puffy clouds, and light breezes. But I needed more sleep. Turned off the alarm and slept till.....12:30. I really needed more sleep.

Got dressed and rather than going into town, turned left and walked the 10 minutes to the beach on the western shore of the island. Along the way, I walked through the island golf course. Which is common grazing land. So it's shared with sheep and cows (and a lot of sheep poop). Not a lot of golfers out!

The beach is sand, rock, and seaweed. They got some funky looking seaweed!  There are a lot of large rocks on the shore -- climbing up kinda rocks.  So I decided I'd walk out to one (the tide was out), climb to the top, and enjoy my lunch.
Me, at my lunch spot.

I'm not real graceful or sure-footed but I did make it, slowly. I had a little bread and fruit (leftover from Tuesday) and enjoyed the sunshine. I also decided this was a nice spot for my daily meditation, so I sat in meditation for probably 30 minutes. After I was done, I took a few photos and turned around to head back.

And discovered that the tide had come in while I was sitting in meditation. My rock causeway to the beach was now mostly underwater.


Well, not a lot of choices here.  The water wasn't real deep yet, my calf or knee deep.  I hopped across as many rocks as the tide and my general coordination would permit. Found what looked like a relatively shallow and short wade to some more walks and stepped in, up to almost my knee.

And promptly lost my balance and landed on my ass in water up to my armpits.
My path back to the beach. Notice the lack of dry land between me and the beach.

I jumped up quickly to try to save the camera and cell phone in my pockets and sloshed my way out onto the beach.  The camera was OK. The cell phone is still deciding if it's ever going to speak to me again.

I squoshed my way back to the hotel and changed clothes. Of course, I was wearing jeans, which may dry out in 3 or 4 days. Hopefully my boots will dry out sooner!!  Otherwise, it was still a perfect day so I headed into town, taking a short-cut path across the landscape. Rewarded myself with a chocolate bar and a collect call to Jeff from a British Telecomm phone booth.

Then, off for a drink and dinner in a local pub (grilled scallops with bacon; oh my gosh, they were good!), I'm here updating the travelogue and loading some pictures.  Soon, I'll be off to evening services and back to the B&B.

Tomorrow is transit day. It starts at 9 am and ends about 7 pm (I hope!).  Ferry to bus to ferry to train (with two changes) to taxi cab. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
tvillingmarit says:
I like blood pudding specially the Swedish one. I`m glad your were able to save your camera, and please do not thake a new bath with your clothes on. I`ll keep my fingers crossed.
Posted on: Jul 03, 2008
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The view out my bedroom window (wh…
The view out my bedroom window (w…
My lunch spot.
My lunch spot.
Me, at my lunch spot.
Me, at my lunch spot.
My path back to the beach. Notice …
My path back to the beach. Notice…
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