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How do you turn a lonely and slightly intimidating trip to LA into the greatest blast of your life? Easy! You take the batman-SOS-lamp, remove the BAT-sign and replace it with: TB-LA-CORE-CREW-IN-DA-HOUSE, project the whole thing into the dark sky at night and wait.
Then be prepared.
Be very prepared!
What you then might get to experience is nothing less than the original TB LA CREW! I can tell you, there aren’t many that would be fit to hold a candle to Alice, Jenn, Joy, Tracy or Sheila. Once these girls are in action they are like a thunderstorm. And they get into action fast.

After I had decided to travel through CA on my own I luckily found TravBuddy and soon met Alice (alicegourmet). She took me under her wings and got me in touch with her TB friends. We made plans for my time in LA.
Only a few weeks and many emails later I stepped out of my plane into the LA sunshine.

If you have never rented a car before then here comes a lesson for you: What might seem to be 378 Dollars total on Expedia for the rental of an intermediate car for two weeks, can quickly turn into over 1000 Dollars once you pick it up. Why? Taxes and insurance stupid! (Gosh was I naïve) I politely rejected the “updated” offer with an external “Thank you!” and an internal “F*** you!” and called a taxi that took me to my grande Motel near Venice Beach the Paradise Inn & Suites.

When I entered my room Charlie gushily greeted me with a big smile in his face, and after some small talk and bantering he had to leave and asked me to be flushed down the toilet. A request I just couldn’t refuse, given the fact that Charlie revealed himself as a cockroach - a friendly cockroach perhaps, but a cockroach nevertheless. It was time to sleep.
goldfishflosser says:
thanks mike! well, as long as you don't turn into a big green monster in the car rental it's all good i guess ;-)
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
mikevirgo0824 says:
very well-written blog!
made me laugh quite a few times. :-)
i can totally relate to the internal "F*** you" you mentioned.
problem with my version is the contempt seeps through my facial expression no matter how hard I try to focus internalizing it. :-)
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
compassionlily says:
Nicely written, very humorous :)
Posted on: Jul 17, 2008
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