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Once again issues with the timer function on the camera, lol.

     This past summer Kerry was living in Milford, MA for her job and I hadn't seen her in forever so I decided to go and visit  We were both off for a week and decided it would be fun to see things in Mass and surrounding areas. I flew into Boston on Thurs afternoon on Jet Blue. This was my first experience with Jet Blue and I was pretty impressed. First off I got a flight to Boston for $ 69, which made me very happy, secondly there was ton's of leg room and thirdly they have a 75 lb weight limit on their luggage even for domestic flights. I was in packing nirvana and made a mental note that if I'm going someplace and Jet Blue flies there I can pack all I want because I have an extra 25 lbs to play with, lol.

Mizzy being silly.
I landed at Logan at 3:30pm or so; Kerry worked in Milford until 3:30 and Milford is an hour away so I had some time to kill. I got the suitcase and called Kerry to let her know I was there. This was an odd vacation for us because it was only 1 week long and we had no itinerary. NONE. We had some general ideas what we wanted to see and do but no set dates, no routes planned and no schedule. It was probably the most spontaneous vacation I've ever taken with the exception of my trip to the beach last year when I basically just swam, drank, laid out, got caught in a riptide and had to be rescued by the lifegaurd and drank some more.

     Kerry and I have a long vacation history which even with an itinerary usually results in us getting lost.

Kim and Missy.
This trip was no exception. I went and waited outside at the passenger pickup area and Kerry called to say that she was stuck in a traffic jam the size of Pennsylvania; we talked on the phone and before long she got to the airport and picked me up. Then the fun began. Now I have to say that I have been to MA twice before and I don't think in all my years of driving including driving in other countries have I ever encountered a more impatient.....dare I say rude group of drivers in my life. God forbid you have an out of state license on your car or <gasp> not know where you are going exactly, or not move the split second that a light changes. In PA we at least give the driver ahead of us a 5-10 second birth of time to move once a light changes before we lay on the horn.
Kim, Missy and Mizzy.
Not so in MA, evidently you are to sit with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake so you can lay tire once the light changes. All I can say is thank God Kerry was driving because I probably would have rammed the car into someone.   Another thing, the CONSTANT sound of horns blasting was enough to drive me crazy. At one point we were stopped in a line of traffic at a red light and people all around were blowing their horns from all lanes. Evidently either (1) there's a secret thing that if everyone blows there horns the red light will change??? or (2) MA drivers are so arrogant that they feel that red lights and stopped traffic mean nothing because they have someplace to be which is far more important than anything else. I love New England, especially MA, but there is no way I could live there because I would be writing this blog from jail, lol.
Us minus Kerry who was the photographer.

     Of course on our way back to Milford we got lost and I must say that I have to take 100% responsibility for this because I told Kerry to get off the wrong exit. We did find a road home and we did see some really cute little towns but it took much longer than it should have, sorry Kerry.

     We did eventually get back to Kerry's apartment, dropped my stuff of and then went to meet some friends of mine who live in Boston and surrounding areas. There's Kim from Boston, Missy from Worcester and Mizzy from New Hampshire. I met all these girls at a concert for a band we all like and we travel around when our schedules permit and hang out before, during and after concerts. People make fun when you tell them this (groupie remarks abound) but I've met some great friends in Toledo, OH, Cinnci, OH, Columbus, OH, Staunton VA, Louisville, KY and Indianapolis thru this band. I've also seen more of the United States in the past 1 1/2 years than I have in my entire life and it's the Echelon thing to do.. We met the girls at a Mexican restaurant called the Alamo and spent the rest of the night laughing until our stomachs hurt. I also learned several things during dinner; I learned that Worcester is pronounced Wursh-ter not Wor-chest-er. I learned that Peabody is pronounced pa-bidy not Pea-body and I learned that yins is evidently not used outside of Western PA.... very interesting. Anyway, we had a great time and I was sad to see the girls leave at the end of the night.

euphemy says:
lol So true! Let me just say I am sooo happy to be driving back in PA! That ended up being a fun evening!
Posted on: Dec 03, 2006
vances says:
Ahh yes, that lovely Boston traffic. The primary lesson I learned driving there is to never use your turn signal...god forbid you alert someone of your intentions so they can block you!

What is the band you follow???
Posted on: Dec 02, 2006
X_Drive says:
You are learning all kinds of things that only apply to MA. Out west we call it "Whats-dis-here-sauce" :) And I have never heard "yins", it's a new word for me. Please define.
Posted on: Dec 02, 2006
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Once again issues with the timer f…
Once again issues with the timer …
Mizzy being silly.
Mizzy being silly.
Kim and Missy.
Kim and Missy.
Kim, Missy and Mizzy.
Kim, Missy and Mizzy.
Us minus Kerry who was the photogr…
Us minus Kerry who was the photog…
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