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Well as you know my first impression was not that great of Playa Samara, but in the end we did change our room as it was just too much! After seeing a big iguana try to get in to our room through the broken mozzie net, i just thought this is it!!! we had to move! Luckily we found a much nice place to stay and it was only a pound extra! We had our own clean room, clean toilet, clean sheets, and a tv! not also forgetting a fridge!! All for 6 pound! Great! We decided to book just the one night....... but ended up another night too!
Being in a clean room changed my opinion of Samara, i actually enjoyed my time there! The beach is beautiful, one of the best yet! The whole of the town was just soo laid back and chilled! Everyone was polite and rather helpful!
The only thing i would say is, that you may get bored durring the day as i did! The reason of this is, cause i can not sit on the beach the whole day! But if you can then you would love the place! There are other things to do while there, you can rent out a surf board or a boogie board! But i personally think it pointless to get a suf board out as, well the waves were not so big, the sea was just right to swin in, the water was so clear too!
We had a relaxing couple of days here! and also the weather was wonderful! It was very hot! And at night time we would see the sky light up wih sheet lightning. To be honest we did not do much when we was here. There is not many places that i got eat in as im vegetarian, i really had my heart set on this mexican place, but everytime we walked past it was shut! Untill the last day i noticed the open sign was alight!!! So i actually got to have a meal! wow it was the best meal i had had there it was lovely! The place was run by a columbian man! He was such a nice person, he also spoke very good English! We was explaining to him that we get alot of ticos shouting gringos at us! He thought thes was very funny! He even offered us a room if we wanted to stay, also free of charge!  Which i thought was very nice of him! Even offered us a lift if we missed the bus!
Any way we both decided to go back to San jose and then check out the Carribean side! And here we are now in San Jose! Back to our normal hostel which we have spent so much time in! I dont think we will be here for long just a few days then off to the carribean side...... not too sure what part yet! Hope its as nice!

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Playa Samara
photo by: Paulovic