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arriving to Chicago

There was no direct flight from Miami to KC, so I had to take a connection in Chicago. I was thinking about sleeping in the plane, since I didn’t sleep at all the night before and didn’t want to arrive tired to KC. Usually I travel alone, that’s why I’m always wondering who’s gonna sit next to me. Hoping he or she might be a nice person, who I can talk to. But this time I was so tired, that I didn’t care about it.

I was almost falling asleep, when somebody started talking to me. Oh! It was a nice guy, also traveling by his own. I couldn’t get upset, since I was thinking I usually do the same, hehe. So, Giovanni and I started talking and didn’t stop. I felt my eyelids so heavy and everytime I winked it took so long.

yeah! leaving Chicago!!!!
But I love to talk, so I kept on talking haha. Everyone who knows me, can assure I talk a lot!!! My layover was a 2 hours one, but his was just 45min, so he had to run. I was feeling sorry about the people who have to run in the airports from gate to gate, without imaging I would be doing exactly the same some days later. 

We arrived to Chicago, I said good bye to him, looked for my gate and took a sit waiting for my final flight to KC. When I was planning the trip at the beginning I was trying to find a long layover in Chicago instead of Miami, since I have never been in this wonderful city. Well, I guess I just have to wait and be patient in order to go there. Eventually I will do it. And I met a friend in Lima who lives there, so it will be perfect ;)

When I was waiting for my flight to leave. I noticed I had roaming and got a message from Peru ??? Who was texting me ??? It was him! Luc (lucverkruijsse) the TB I was supposed to meet in Lima. He was in his way to Lima's aiport. We agreed to keep in touch and hopefully meet soon. I guess if there's a vouch for SMS or telephone meetings, haha. Ok, time to keep on moving. Finally, I was coming closer to KC…

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arriving to Chicago
arriving to Chicago
yeah! leaving Chicago!!!!
yeah! leaving Chicago!!!!
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