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Miami's airport

Finally, I arrived to Miami. My flight was leaving at 1:45am and it was 12:50pm. By the time the bags came it was 1:15am. Now I had to run. I was at gate “C” and had to go to gate “J”. I grabbed my bag and started to run as crazy. I saw Lan’s counter and no other passenger was there – bad sign. I told the lady I was there for the flight to Lima and a guy told me it was too late. The flight was already closed. Oh no!!! I told him about the AA’s delay and everything, so he recommended me to go to AA. They had a flight to Lima that was delayed – what a surprise! – and maybe I could fly with them. I took my bag and started running from “J” to “C”.  

I arrived to AA’s counter and asked the girl if there was any chance to fly with them to Lima.

No luck. The flight was delayed, but closed and there were no free spaces for the flight at 4pm. What to do know? Well, if I’d stay in Miami, I would prefer to fly back home with Lan. So I went again from “C” to “J”. The people working at the airport recognized me and waved their hands, haha. I met the kind guy at the counter again and asked him if there was a free space for the flight the next day. And there was space, yay!!! He even gave me the boarding pass. He apologized he couldn’t do anything regarding accommodation and meals. Hey! Don’t worry! I’d talk to AA. So I went back to the “C”. There was a line in AA Counter. There were a lot of people complaining about the flights. I was not the only one who missed a connection. There were people from Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, besides the States.
"C" terminal... now I know this place very well, haha
Ok, so this wouldn’t be a hard fight, haha. I explained the girl I had to spend 1 day in Miami and they were responsible for that. She saw the delays were caused by technical problems and gave me vouchers for the hotel and meals for the next day, haha. There was another Peruvian who lost the flight to Lima and was sent to the same hotel as me. But he didn’t get vouchers for meals. Anyway, we both waited until 4am until the shuttle of the hotel arrived. It wasn’t too bad, at least I wasn’t alone.

The shuttle showed up, finally!!! The driver was telling us that the hotels were surviving during the low season thanks to AA. They had so many problems with the flights that a good number of the guests of the hotels are passengers. The hotel was nice. It wasn’t a ***** hotel, but it was comfortable and I had a place to rest after a long day running from one place to another. Ok, let’s see the positive side of the story. I would run away from the cold weather of Lima, haha. Oh no! I just remembered I had a meeting on Monday morning. A business meeting was making me worrying, no it was a meeting with a TB!!! I have been talking to this guy since he started his trip in the States, finally he was going to be in Lima and I’d miss him, nooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Well, time to go to bed. I was exhausted…

yadilitta says:
yes, it was a crazy travel day. I'm sorry I missed a TB :(
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
geerbox says:
What a crazy travel day!
Haha, a TB meeting!! only Yadi, haha
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
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Miamis airport
Miami's airport
C terminal... now I know this pl…
"C" terminal... now I know this p…
photo by: ellieperla