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Don't give me that look. It's not fair... I'll miss you too...

The idea of attending to this Meet Up wasn’t 100% mine. Actually I wasn’t paying attention to the forum until Shawn made me notice it. He has been in Lima in February and we were thinking about meeting again and suddenly this came out! Great! So, how could I refuse attending to my 1st Meet Up and meeting a friend? It was my 1st time going to Kansas City, never have been in that part of the States before. James (one of the hosts) was helping me with the details since I had to take a long flight from Lima �" with multiple stops and layovers. There was just a thing that was making me feel a bit sad about leaving so early. I would miss meeting a TB in Lima!!!  We were in touch since he started his journey through South America and we were thinking about meeting at the airport. But I was leaving 1 day earlier than him. I really wanted to meet Luc... So sad :(

Finally, the day to leave arrived. The Pre Meet Up would take place on Friday 20th, but I had to go through Miami and spend a night there. So I found a good deal leaving Tue 17th. I usually fly to the States at night; it was the 1st time I took the morning flight.  I wished I could have checked in online, but since it was a flight to the States I couldn’t do it. Ok, I had to wake up early and the taxi picked me up around 6am. Before leaving I said good bye to mom and dad, while Gunther was giving me a sad look, which made me felt guilty about leaving my baby…  

I arrived on time to the airport and while I was doing the line for the check in, I met a guy who was joining his father �" almost as old as my grandpa �" who was also flying to Miami. The guy was concerned about his father flying alone, but since we started talking he felt such a relief and I became a babysitter, haha. The “grandpa” was a nice gentleman. He felt confident having me next to him and even said he didn’t know he had a “female cute guardian angel!” So sweet!!! We were just hanging out for a while until it was time to start with the boarding. 

I was in the back of the plane and happily the flight wasn’t full. So I could change places and had 3 seats just for me, haha. I wasn’t much tired, but was thinking I might not be able to sleep that night in Miami, since I would be hanging out with friends until it was time to leave. So, better just take a nap and try to save energies. A loooong weekend was in its way.

zoolking says:
i love that this is a featured entry! hopefully there will be more to come!!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
Stevie_Wes says:
I'm sure you could have smuggled Gunther on to the plane in a backpack?! ... oh yeah, the U.S. is a bit funny about pet-smuggling I guess! :)
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
yadilitta says:
Haha, your superpowers ;)
You are right, now you HAVE TO come to Lima in September, hehe
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
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Dont give me that look. Its not …
Don't give me that look. It's not…
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