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Having arrived in Tupiza, the land of Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid, I spent a day or so relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, shorts and t-shirt weather sat by the pool...arh twas like being on holiday - bliss.

Decided to do the Tupiza triathlon yesterday, sounds more energetic than it really is! Started off on a small bike ride that headed out of town through a pretty gorge, think we could have done with gas masks or at the least bandannas to wrap round the faces as every time a vehicles passed we nearly choked on dust! Transfered to a jeep and drove around the countryside for a while. Had lunch in a really pretty spot by a river, my first taste of Bolivian food and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, it had so much more flavour than anything I had in Chile or Argentina.

Transfered to horses for a three hour ride in the afternoon, was very sedate and peaceful, would have been nice to do more cantering but enjoyable all the same....hell I'm just happy to get away with only wearing a t-shirt again and have the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Swapped back onto bikes for an eventful last couple of hours.....could it ever be anything but when its me! Drove 12km to the top of a really big hill at the back of the town (so glad I didn't have to ride up it!) and cycled back down. Lots of fun but pretty hairy, the road was full bends that doubled back on themselves, with the sides dropping off to sheer slopes. The road itself was gravel and potholed, coming down it felt like going over a million judder bars (as the kiwis call them, cattle grids to you and me but the kiwi expression sums it up so much better). Was really good fun but I'm sure my family will be glad to hear that it was more than enough for me and I don't now feel the need to do the worlds most dangerous road when i get to La Paz!

Thinking the most dangerous bit was over the support van passed us and with the boys in front of me we took a nice steady ride back into town. Three quarters of the way over a crossroads, that was completely my right of way, I see a car heading (slowly) straight for me, there was no way I was going to be out of the way in time and I swear to god this guy looked me in the eye and smiled as he ran into me! Completely in shock I crawled and dragged my bike out from under the car and was speechless, I wanted to shout and swear at him to my hearts content but nothing came out. Luckily had nothing more serious than a few scraps and bruises. The guy just drove off! The boys obviously heard the crunch as it happened and came straight back, although Alex did say he was a little reluctant to turn round for fear of what he might see (it sounded worse than it was). Found myself surrounded by lots of old Bolivian men checking that I was OK and telling us that they saw it happen and if I was injured they had the no. of the car if I wanted to do anything about it, quite frankly at that point I just wanted a beer.......

I'm starting to get the feeling that either I have a guardian angel up there somewhere who without Id be in serious trouble by now...either that or someone up there thinks its really funny to give me lots of near misses so that Ive got something to write about.......all well that ends well and so long as it keeps going my way its all good.....
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photo by: wilfredoc2009