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Have to say January was a whole lot of fun....well once the culture shock subsided!! Was spoilt rotten and loved every second of it. New year in Sydney was great, seeing Shek in Newcastle was very drunken.....if you know about Roxanne I challenge you...try doing it while on karaoke...oh my god it nearly killed me! I've been wine tasting in the Hunter valley...is 10.30am too easly to start drinking?....would have been rude to spit it out, it was nice wine afterall...drunk by lunchtime though - oops!, cycling through mangrove forests, hang gliding over Byron bay, it was awesome...although I did think I might be sick at one point when the guy decided to put us into a rapid downward spin to see how much he could make me scream, sea kyaking and surf rafting at Coffs Harbour.....never been so scared as I was sea kyaking - going over some bigass swells in very deep water on a little raft with someone who has as little sense of balance as I do...not good, especially when coupled with my massive shak phobia! Surf rafting however..so much fun, spent more time out of the boat than in it but then they were some big waves we were trying to get through - I thought they were at least 6ft but have since had it pointed out to me that the raft we were in was 12ft long and one of the waves stood it on end before filpping it. I really wasn't so good at getting back into the raft after falling out, kept having to be hauled back in by the lovely guy in the front next to me and then ended up stuck in the bottom of the raft not being able to move for laughing, shoulders wedged one side, arse the other and legs flailing around in the air as the instructor was screaming to everyone to paddle as we were about to get swamped - oh good times! Sailing round the Whit Sundays was really relaxing, the beaches didn't look quite like the pictures but then its not monsoon season in them! The scuba diving and snorkling was pretty good though. After a final couple of days at Bondi it was time to say good bye to mum and dad, have a quick weekend with Shek and Jamie catching up on some drunkenness....on the friday anyway....damn two day hangovers - sorry about being a bit lame on the Saturday Shek!! and then it was time to go out on my own again. Really quit scary having been with people since I left Hanoi with Kelly, Tom and Sarah back in October.

I thought fruit picking would be the way to go, always seen myself as a bit of a country girl.....live somewhere where there isn't much to spend money on, the out door life style, I understood that you could make quite a bit of money doing it........oh how wrong I was on all but one thing...there really was nothing to spend money on! That was probably a very good thing though as after 8 and a half days of 9 hours a day I came away with a massive $480 - woo!! Decided that lack of money paid and lack of banta (do you know how many conversations you can have with imaginary friends in a 9hour shift with no one to talk too...let me tell you - its scary and verging on insanity!!) ment I needed to head back to the city.

So here I am, back in Melbourne in need of a job and on here waffling on instead of getting on and writing my CV - oops best get started.......

........maybe just one more coffee before I start!!!
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