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I´m having lots of "I don´t want to leave here" moments in Cochabamba. Its got the perfect climate for a sun worshiper like me, then add great food and a great mix of old and new. I love the culture and sampling the traditional but also am quite liking how westernized the city is - along with all of the things I´d expect to be doing I´ve also been bowling and to the cinema (which would have rivaled any at home) to see Batman, surreal doesn´t even come close.....some days I cant quite believe I´m in Bolivia. Batman was awesome by the way. Someone was saying the other day that Heath Ledger might be up for an Oscar for it, I presumed that was just because hes dead, but think he actually made the film......but I digress...

I hadn´t planned on coming to Cochabamba and thought as I headed over to Villa Tunari that I was set to be there until August but having been messed around by the foundation I went to work for I decided I would head back to the city to find another project.

Found a new project to work on the day I arrived, working at an orphanage that also takes in the kids of street workers after school so they have somewhere safe to go. Its great I spend half the afternoon playing (no need to join a gym, think I´ll have muscles on my muscles the amount I end up picking them up and swinging them round) and the other half helping with homework or reading - considering my Spanish isn´t great I think I get more out of it than the kids do!

My first week here were spent in luxury, having spent the previous two weeks living in the middle of nowhere with no amenities I decided to go mad and get myself an en-suite room with cable TV. Was so glad I had when I suddenly started projectile vomiting, was more ill than I´ve been in years, blamed it on the street food I´d been eating but as it only lasted a couple of days I reckon I´d picked up a bug from the kids I´d started working with.

Moved into the volunteer house after a week, theres nine of us living there, its been so nice to unpack - for the first time this year my clothes are hanging in a wardrobe, I´ve got a nice room to myself and have a proper lounge to chillout in. Think as much as I love traveling to different countries I really like properly settling into one place and not living out of a bag; was so excited the other day having got my washing back from the laundry and they´d even ironed it, think thats the first time since I left home!! Oh the small things! Only thing I´m not so keen ons the mess in the house, its been a bit like going back to a first year student house where no one cleans up after themselves, thank god for the cleaner, shes worth her weight in gold!

So my life at the mo.....morning filled with reading and sunbathing and maybe the odd trip to the market, great four course lunches (for about $2 - its crazy), afternoons spent playing with the kids and evenings spent socializing............why would I ever want to leave?????
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photo by: jendara