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I can´t quite believe that this time last year I would have been repacking my bag for the hundredth time making sure I´d got everything, filled with nervous excitement about what was to come. I´ve got about twelve hours to kill before heading off to the airport and am filled with those same feelings about heading home.

Times a funny thing, in some ways I feel like I´ve only been away for five mins, in others it feels like a lifetime. So many memories of people and places and a million good times. I´ve always been a bit of a drifter and to say that in taking time out I hoped I might ¨find myself¨ sound so cliche, and as much as I have had the odd time sat in some beautiful locations pondering life, love. the universe etc etc I still dont know where I am!! I think if the last year has taught me anything its made me think more about whats important to me and I know I don´t want to compromise (nothing new there!!!!). I´m sure its easy to say now but I know I don´t want to go back to the same style of life I left behind. I guess that might be easy, having quit the only career I´ve ever known to come traveling I certainly dont intend to go back to it. But what to do?? I´ve had many ideas along the way but still don´t know what I´m looking for.

So for the moment I´m excited, I´m nervous and maybe even a little bit scared but looking forward to new beginnings...........................
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photo by: rsvpme