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By the time I finally made it home I felt like I'd been traveling for days, guess I had really! Having left Arequipa on Saturday I finally made it back to the UK on Tuesday morning. I really should have remembered to pick up some Valium or sleeping pills to help me along the way!

Flew from Lima to Miami and was very happy to land after some serious turbulence left me thinking I might not make it home. Although I was only in Miami for about three hours I was glad to see the back of it..... it was chucking it down - I'd not seen rain for four months, think it was trying to break me into the reality of England before I got back! The flight from Miami to London was about as good as it gets (even if I didn't get any sleep), nothing like being bumped up to fancyclass to make it easier. Arrived at Terminal 5 feeling like a space cadet, obviously I blame the lack of sleep and not the copious amounts of free wine I consumed on the flight. Sat for ages watching bags go round on the carousel and people leaving, eventually noticed there didn't seem to be anyone left or any sign of my bag, know I wanted to travel light but there is a limit! Finally got told that although I 'd managed to make the connecting flight my bag hadn't and was still in Miami........oh well not like they are the only clothes I own anymore. Wandered out to find two anxious looking parents who thought after seeing everyone leave that I hadn't made the flight.........maybe I wouldn't have done if Miami was sunny!

Things really don't change here much do they.....a year away and its still raining, Jade Goody and Ashley Cole were still front page news on the papers and Big Brother/Peter and Jordan/Posh and Becks/Guy and Madge or Brad and Angelina seems to be the only thing magazines can talk about......give me a foreign language paper any day - at least then I wont understand the tripe thats being written about!!

On the plus side though I went into a shop today, only wanted a 50p bottle of water, only had a £20 to pay with and they took it. No questions asked, no looking at me like I robbed a bank and no being told they couldn't serve me because they didn't have change for anything bigger than a pound - brilliant. I lied by the way - some things do change - fancy looking £20 notes, thought I'd got a bad one!

Decided I'd break myself in easily, take at least the rest of this week off before I start stressing myself out about things like jobs. And besides I need to do some serious treatments to make myself look respectable before a big family reunion this weekend! In the spirit of which I went off to town get my hair done today. Living in the middle of nowhere and with no car until next month that meant one of two things, the bus (which would have meant leaving about two hours before I needed to be there) or bike. Wanting to keep my post traveling figure and not turn back into the heffer I was when I left Reading, bike it was. Its only about six miles and I figured that having spent the last three months living at altitude (2500-400 meters) all those extra red blood cells it would be a breeze! Didn't however take into account that my village is on top of a hill and all of the surrounding area is on top of another hill. Doesn't matter which way you go in or out, you still have to go up a big hill (ok so its not that big but its still a hill!). All the red blood cells in the world, theres a limit to how much they can do....jeeze my legs were screaming....till the endorphins kicked in any way....at which point I thought i could even manage a run tonight. What can I say, its raining again and my hairs looking the best it has for months.........maybe tomorrow................
tvillingmarit says:
Tomorrow it`s raining men, you will have a free bottle of Champagne, your bike come with a motor and your hair will bee great. Love your blog.
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
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