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I always expected that at some point when travelling that I would experience culture shock but its happened it the most unlikley place.

Dont get me wrong, theres been many places along the way where I've been shocked or suprised by things that have happened or my reaction to them.......almost gagging on curd in Mongolia and hiding what was left in my pocket to throw into the toilet pit later so not to offend my host by not eating it.........traveling in standing room only with the locals in a very cramped overnight train in China and having the crazy drunk next to me puke everywhere(I didn't know whether to laugh or cry)............seeing a frog in a Siagon market having its feet and legs cut off while it was still alive (I was disturbed by it for hours after)............seeing pigs on the back of motobikes in Cambodia (always made me laugh).........all of these things I found strange. They were all individual incidents though......

Arriving in Sydney has to be the biggest head f**k I've had! Maybe its because I didn't expect it that its been so extreme. Maybe I just spent too long in Cambodia and got too attached to the place and the people I was with.

Everything here has left me a little dumbfounded from the vibrancy of the colours to the sheer size of it all, thats the place and the people..........I'm no 5ft 5 skinny bum but I don't remember the last time I saw so many fat(not just packing a few extra pounds but fat) people in one place - I really wondered if there was some sort of weeble convention going on!!

And then don't get me started on the cost, think maybe I did things the wrong way around, if I'd come here first I'm sure I would have been quite excited that its cheaper than England, but having spent the last 4 months in Asia my god its expensive!! The big bottles of water that I'm used to paying 30cents for now cost $3.......but only if you want a warm one, if you want it cold its an extra 50cents....I mean whats that all about! Eating suddenly seems like something that I'll only do when absolutly necessary (might help with getting the beach body back though....too many buckets in Cambodia did start to take there toll!!) I miss the great currys and sticky rice for $2.50 at khmer kitchen.......hmmm

When alls said and done though I think it was time for a move its just a bit harder than I thought it would be. New year in Sydney was awesome but looking forward to leaving .....setting off up coast tomorrow spending about a week driving to Brisbane then flying up to the whit sundays. Making the most of the good life, being spoiled rotten by the folks........sure reality will hit with a bit of a bang when they leave at the end of the month.......hmmm probably should think about getting a job..........
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photo by: Sunflower300