Bolivian mosquitoes – the SAS of the mosquito world!

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They´re nasty!  Unlike normal mosquitoes that have the decency to buzz around you so you know they´re incoming these guys are silent, they don’t give you the chance to do the hand flapping, clapping dance to try to stop them.   Neither when they land do you feel them take a bite, at least if they did you could go in for a slap kill and although you know the damage has already been done you´d be left with that smug satisfaction that there was one less of the their kind in the world.  But no, these guys are in and out and get the job done, the first you know about it is when the desire kicks in to peel the skin from the offending area because it itches so much.  Once the itching takes hold there’s no stopping it (and it feels soooo good!), remember that scene in Friends when Phoebe and her navy man have chicken pox and Rachel tapes oven gloves to their hands to stop them scratching – that’s what I need!  I find myself in the shower every day kidding myself that I´m being very good to my skin using exfoliating gloves…….yeah right – its all about the rough scratching feeling on the bites!   

I was sat the other day on the computer happily typing away and by the time I finished had no less than five bites on my left hand…….how do they do it, my hands were in front of me for crying out loud!!  My poor left hands looking a bit sorry for its self now, between those bites that have all managed to swell up and the monkey bite that’s left my middle finger bruised and swollen from around the knuckle to half way down with a cut in the top its looking like I´ve punched someone!!!




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Villa Tunari
photo by: RainyDayToast